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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by delanceyburnett, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. delanceyburnett

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    I am looking for proven landscape fabric to go under a 3" to 4" landscape aggregate . so far i have found some easy gardener 6x250 for 245.00. is this stuff any good or is there something better.
  2. greatinmulchbeds

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    check into the pricing in your area for the fabric thats used as under layment for asphalt. it will keep the stone in place and weed free...its worked great when i have used it for the same thing your doing. its called different names in different areas, here its called road fabric or drive way kit, your stone supply yard should sell it
  3. Dreams To Designs

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    What is the purpose of the fabric under the stone? If the stone will be used for a walkway, a seperation fabric will do best, but you may severely restrict the water flowing through it.

    Soil, small yard waste and seeds will collect on top of the fabric and grow a nice bed of weeds. 3"-4" of rock, should be plenty to mulch the soil and prevent weeds from germinating.

    Fabriscape makes a full range of products and are often available locally. If no one local stock their product, contact them directly.
    http://fabriscape.com/all products.htm

  4. White Gardens

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    I use the heavy duty Dupont Fabric with a 20 year warranty. I like the size, weight, and permeability of the fabric. It also has a more random weave or pattern similar to fiberglass, so it helps to keep weeds from rooting through.

    The fabrics I stay away from are the more "knitted" style of fabrics that allows roots to easily grab hold.

    I try to tell my customers that the fabric is not an end all, be all for weed control and some maintenance is required. I also tell them that after 15-20 years the fabric would need to be replaced.

    My only real justification for using fabric under rock, is yes, it does suppress weeds when it is installed correctly, and also, it makes it much easier to remove the rock in the future.

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