weed control fabric, your opinion please!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Bull, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Bull

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    I need some weed control fabric to use on an install for a hillside. We will be planting Blue Rug and I need about 7500 sq. feet. I can get the 5oz Pro-5 weed barrier from Gempler's at $199.95 for 1500 sq. feet. This is the heavyweight woven fabric with a 20 year life.
    Or I was wondering can I use the woven polypropylene ground cover also from Gempler's at $184.50 for 3600 sq. feet. This is the material used at the nurseries that they sometimes sit the plant stock on. It also allows water to pass through. What do you think?
  2. Smallaxe

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    Polypropylene is a more plastic material isn't it? I would be concerned about seedling rot with anything that holds moisture and doesn't properly breathe.

    Maybe this propylene is woven in such a way that it is not an issue. Look at a sample and see, because many 'inovations' are cheap rather than affective.
  3. shovelracer

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    IMO weed barriers are garbage. Even the 20 year woven fabrics will let grass and some weeds grow through long before the fabric deteriorates. A good cleaning, preM, and weed removal program is a much better choice in the long run. Weeds are miserable to pull out anyways and they are even less fun when they are tangled in the fabric. Besides mulch doesnt like to hold onto fabrics if the hill is steep enough. But if you are looking for price comparisons we pay about 150 for a 6'x300' roll.
  4. Harry0

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    Not a big fan of weed barriers-especially mulch on top. The mulch breaks down and forms a nice seed bed for weeds. Preemergent is our choice of attack. The fabric starts to show and it looks messy. I can get 15'x300' 4500 sq ft-for $300-This is the gray stuff, not sure if it is 5 oz or not. Wouldnt Gemplers shipping be extra $$$$?

    OUTLANDER LawnSite Senior Member
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    a waste of whatever
  6. Dreams To Designs

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    Weed fabric on a hillside planting will create more problems than it will benefit. The fabric will cause sheeting of the water and wash away most of what you put down as mulch and likely wash out your planting. Take the time to investigate the permeability of weed fabrics. A simple test under a sink will show how little water will travel through the fabric when there is nothing on top of it. Add mulch or the dust and debris that blows around and you have a perfect place for weeds to take root, on top of the fabric.

    If your hillside is steep, you may need an erosion control blanket or wattles to slow the flow of water and a good quality mulch to hold the soil in place and keep the weeds down. A juniper planting like you have planned will definitely need to have extensive weed control, best if using a preeemergent like surflan.


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