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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Craig Turf Management, Apr 23, 2001.

  1. Craig Turf Management

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    I just redefined the edgees of some large beds. They contain various shrubs, perrennials, ground cover etc. I don't want to spend so much time weeding these beds this summer, and due to the ground cover it's difficult to spray ROUND-UP in these beds. I want to hear which pre-emergence herbicides you folks are using, and is it labeled to spray over the plant material I have mentioned? Do you spray, or use a granular. I'm mulching these beds later this week, so I'd really appreciate your resposes asap.
    Thanks. Bill Craig
  2. Skookum

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    I have used Snapshot with good results. It is a granular product. It is rather reasonable as well. I think a bag was about $30.00.
  3. bam

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    We use two products,

    Snapshot 0.5 G from Lesco - $60+- / 50 lb bag.

    granular application, usually at 200lbs/1000sqft. Apply right before mulching as the product photodegrades.


    Regalstar G from a company in Alpharetta GA. Pretty similar to snapshot, except its cheaper, and does not photo degrade, so you can apply before or after mulch, or without mulch. We got that thru a local supplier.
  4. David Gretzmier

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    wow- I use gallery, which costs about 120 bucks an ACRE with 1 lb per acre ( 40000sq. ft ) add to that 1.3 lbs of barricade per ACRE, at about 40 bucks, and that gives you isoxoben, the active broadlef preventer in snapshot, and a much better grassy weed preventer than trifluralin, which is in snapshot, at LOADS less money in product and a longer resid on grass prevention. You must mix this in a sprayer w/ good agitation, as barricade and gallery are both powders in suspension. Dave
  5. Skookum

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    My Snapshot is 2.5TG. My label shows a low app at 2.3lbs/1000 and a higher rate at 4.6lbs/1000.
  6. Craig Turf Management

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    I'm going to LESCO now to purchase the Snapshot. I appreciate the responses.Be careful out there.
    Thanks, Bill Craig
  7. powerreel

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    For post em. spray I use: Round up/ Confront/ Surflan on early spring sprays. Then go Round up/ Confront/ Finale/ w/ R-11 (adjuvant). It will kill everything in 24 hrs. in 48 it is turning to straw. Surflan is heavy in the backpack but when the spring rains are running it's nice to put down in tree wells. I chemical edge EVERYTHING in the early spring. Ivy next to buildings- ZAP! You name it, saves time and $$$ on commercial sites. I use snapshot as well and casaron and gallery.
  8. SLSNursery

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    I am curious to know why you use such a mix for weed killing. Roundup Pro already has an adjuvant, and is non-selective. What does the Confront and Finale addition do besides add cost to the mix? Why not just use a Roundup Pro with Scythe for a quick kill, and Pendulum or equivalent for a pre-emergent barrier? Seems like your mix might be kind of hot in beds?
  9. powerreel

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    Here in the Pacific Northwest we have a very long grow season. We can have 75* in feb followed by 2 weeks of 50* overcast so the grow will slow down. If you dropped Roundup just prior to a period of overcast it can take A LONG time to work. This mix will work in 48 hours. The Finale causes cell membranes to rupture and open the plant, the R-11 is an adjuvant and will not wash off in sun showers like round up pro will do, I don't like to waste time. Confront will light up the broadleafs like round up takes ever so long to do. I prefer to spray commercial sites with this, now on residential I lean towards organics...but that's a different story!

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