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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ghopper3345, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Ok have been doing weedcontrol apps for sometime. Mose of them are gravel and bare ground. but some are homeowners with stone and mulch beds. What is the best product to use for preventing weeds,grass, and things from growing. There is bushes around. I used surflan years ago but always had call backs. Now i use diurion and perspective. It works great but I always get worried on the home owners with like killing trees or bushes. What will give me all season long control with a good cost. and how long is the control. I would like to get closer to the trees and bushes. Please I need your help. I searched through the threads and so many different combos. So I thought i would try to tell you more. I give the customer a price for the season of like $100.00 and I have to keep it weed free. So i want as many call backs as poss with still not gettibng killed on the cost of the chemical

    Thanks So Much
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    look into snapshot and freehand. If you are looking for the bareground chemical with flexibility around trees and shrubbery.....there isn't anything that I am familiar with that is the cure all herbicide. Shrubbery beds are maintained and not sprayed once and though of as done with them.
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    Vinegar and water?
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    Freehand is safe around shrubs and ground covers?
  5. Ghopper3345

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    I guess I should clean up some stuff. I have houses withe gravel yards and then near the front of the house there will be some beds with bushes. I have been using diurion for a while. And I just stay out of he beds and spot spray in there with round up and that's fine. But what can I use in the gravel to get CLOSER to the beds. I guess what I'm saying is there any things a little safer? Does barricade and gallery work good?
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    The real thing is identifying what weeds you are having trouble with in the flower beds. Barricade is selective and so is prodiamine and only control up to a point........not all if that is the question. Freehand and snapshot at the mid to high rates will control a majority of the weeds for up to a couple months.........in my area. I haven't a clue as to what your weed of choice is and what pressures they pose.
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    He wants to spray gravel areas close to the beds but not in them and feels like using Diuron that close to beds is risky. He's looking for a product that is cost effective and relatively safe in proximity to ornamental beds

    It depends on how mature the landscapes are...this will determine where the driplines are and how far the root systems extend. It may be that you want to make a band with a product like prodiamine mixed with your glyphosate 6-8 feet or so from the edge of the beds. I've never used Gallery but from what I've read, I don't think it is very cost effective. I understand your uneasiness about using Diuron that close to woody ornamentals and have killed a couple of 6-8 inch oaks unintentionally using Diuron myself(luckily, the trees were on my property). One mistake at a customers property could "break the bank."
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    Take a look at Produce from Nu Farm It is a Glyphosate+Promidine product
    Good Luck

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