Weed control in 85-90 degrees and hotter?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by way to grow, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. way to grow

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    I realize that at about 85 degrees weeds start to shut down and won't absorb much weed control product, but I was wondering if any of you guys had any tricks to help weed control work better in the heat. It is frustrating to know that after 1 o'clock or so none of my weed control is really working as it should be. I need to go back often and do follow-up sessions early in the morning. I am currently using Speedzone. Thank you for all of you expert opinions. I've had great experiences with this site and all the help I receive.
  2. treszag

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    Coming from someone who also lives in the Salt Lake area, your options are limited. I just spent the afternoon at the Lesco store discussing this very issue. At around 80 degrees plants begin to shut down and stop absorbing, thus making your weed control worthless. More or less your only option is doing your applications ealy in the morning. The other problem you then ecounter is sprinklers being on or having been on recently. When the weeds are saturated they are less likely to absorb the chemical. How does the Speedzone work for you? I have a lot of trouble killing woodsorell, ( clover looking weeds with yellow flowers and either green or red leaves).
  3. way to grow

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    Speedzone takes care of it with no problem. I find it works better than anything you can buy at Lesco.
  4. cemars

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    I agree that speedzone is an excellent product, but it is largely because of the cafentrozone which you can buy at Lesco, and when added to other herbicides it works just as well.
  5. southernsprayguy

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    A good surfactant is about the only trick I know of. It will help to keep the herbicide on the plant longer and make your applications more effective.

    You guys are paying some big $$$ of Speedzone and/or Quicksilver. I don't see how you can afford to stay in business with the price of those products, especially buying it from LESCO.
  6. GreenUtah

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    way to grow, the sun is up pretty freaking early and so should you be! A pump on the street is no big deal, noise wise, esp. on honda driven equipment with it's low idols. You can go granular and spot spray or tank mix and start early, end early. if sprinklers are your pest, try to do your call aheads first and tell them not to water during the night and leave their gate open/doggie in because you are doing them early. The majority of res will copperate knowing the reason why you are doing it early is for their benefit. Or you can do commercial properties early, if you have them, no one cares what time you start in that situation.
  7. cemars

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    The thing I can't afford is going back to do follow up sprays on weeds. I also get excellent prices from Lesco, but I do spend about 50K a year there so I have some leverage.
  8. DLS1

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    It is called buying the best product that will work the quickest. No call backs = happy customer.

    What do you you use and price you pay?
  9. tjgray

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    When I first read this thread yesterday I was immediately filled with questions....here in TX where the temps rarely ever get below 60 degrees and pretty much stay in the 90's from April until darn near November we really don't have much of a choice to spray in temps under 85 degrees.

    Since I am still learning so much I didn't respond until my husband got home. I hit him with it as soon as he walks in. "Honey" I say "Do you know that our weed control is worthless in temps above 85 degrees?"

    "what?" He looks at me like I have lost my mind. I quickly pull up lawnsite and let him read this thread....after he was finished he chuckled and asked where everyone was posting from. I responded that most were up north. He then proceeded to tell me that in Texas we have super weeds that have adapted and not even 90 degree heat will keep the darn things from growing. He swears by Trimec and MSMA and has no issues with spraying them in the heat *no burnt up lawns since he started 15 years ago*

    This gets me to thinking further....are the weeds really that different in the North than they are in the South? It really does amaze me how very different this profession can be in various different areas and kind of pays to keep that in mind when reading advice.

    Anyone want to continue this lesson? I love reading and learning about how your area affects your techniques :waving:
  10. DLS1

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    Trimec label says use it up to 90 degrees. Not sure about MSMA. What is the highest temperature your husband has sprayed Trimec or MSMA?

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