Weed control in Buffalo grass

Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by Foster, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Foster

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    I am converting from bluegrass/fescue to Buffalo grass more and more every year. Next year, I am planning on a 5 acre area that will be buffalo grass. Am having trouble with finding any info on weed control. I have seen that Trimec992 is bad for Buffalo grass (which by the way, I use alot of in bluegrass/fescue). I am currently using Surge but see on the label that I should'nt use it in the fall (or the spring). Has anybody had experience with Surge or any other product? Are there any websites you would recommend? My concern right now, is broadleaf weeds. Thanks in advance for any and all info. Regards, Foster
  2. EagleLandscape

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    Down here in Dallas if you irrigate the buffalo grass, it provides enough water for bermuda and other grassy weeds to grow. Buffalo grass is not a competitive grass at all. I don't know about SD though... Worth checking into before you redo 5 acres.
  3. Foster

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    Up here, brome grass is what I have a tough time with. I am putting buffalo grass in an area that will recieve very little irrigation. It seems to me that the worse the soil condition and the less care you give it, the better it does.
  4. beaglegun

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    I know Plateau works pretty good in big bluestem, indiangrass, etc. (NWSG) It will kill fescue and most weeds but not clover.
  5. Foster

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    It's not the brome I'm worried about. It's the broadleaf weeds. Surge is the recommended broadleaf herbicide for buffalograss, but they don't recomend using it in the early spring or fall... totally backwards from what I am used to.
  6. loom-gen

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    I have a lot of city and county people using buffalo grass here and they look bad almost all year round more so if they are watered. If I see any in good condition I'll ask the care giver what thier secret is. Weeds just love short grass. have you looked at momentum?
  7. RigglePLC

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    the label for Surge is odd in that it suggests no application in spring or fall--as if cool weather would cause some problem. However Lesco Red Zone is a similar product. It lists Buffalograss as tolerant, and I see no such precaution on their label. It is actually similar to Speedzone. Which is similar to Trimec plus carfentrazone.

    The product "Dismiss" which lists buffalograss, contains sulfatrazone one of the ingredients in Surge and seems to have no such precautions either.

    Confusing. Why not try it on a small area--at the low rate--and the high rate. See if the results are acceptable. We would all like to know.
  8. quiet

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    Perhaps you could try Drive 75. Drive will kill many broadleafs. It is also one of the very few products that doesn't seem to do too much damage to that miserable Buffalo grass.
  9. fred333

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I will have to check it out.
  10. Mscotrid

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    Check out DOW's Confront Herbicide. Perfect for Buffalo little if any Phyto issues on Buffalo. Quick ??, this is the sports turf area of lawnSite, are you using Buffalo for sports turf?

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