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    I just recently started with a company that have weed control problems preety badly! They do little pesticide treatments like just a little round up spraying but have tons of weeds in lawns and planter beds. I am coming from a company that taught me allot about weed control like I have done fusilade applications to kill grass weeds in planter beds and lawn selective post emergence to kill broad leaf weeds in the grass. The company I was working before had a great fertilizer program as well with lesco and had hardly any weed control problems. I have a couple questions I have told the owner of the company the my skills and I can improve his business with my skills but I think he is preety set in his way of doing things like his fertilizer applications and weed control "preety much pulling all the weeds" I also notice this company does allot of their edging at a 45 degree angle insted of either flat where needed or vertical where needed and allot of the break through is along the edges could the edging be part of the problem? Also we blow all the equipment off before leaving the job to prevent weed spreading.
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    I agree about the edging--it can cause crabgrass problems along the edge. And perhaps your company is not licensed to spray the weeds.
    You need a different company.
    You don't want to be holding the spray gun when the Dept Agriculture and sheriff come calling.
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    You need a commercial applicators license to apply chemicals...
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