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    I have been experimenting w/ different weed control approaches, and I found spraying triplet herbicide is more effective at killing weeds than a general "weed and feed" etc so I started spraying the weeds and using straight fertilizer instead. Do you guys agree with me here?

    Anyhow, we have some large lawns that have a lot of weeds that we are spending 4 hours spraying weeds on each visit. And what I have learned this year is that many times you have to spray the weeds 2x about a week apart to make sure they die, otherwise they are able to revive themselves.

    Buying a boom sprayer is not in my budget right now, so I was thinking about next year on the large lawns maybe broadcasting a weed and feed then following up w/ the triplet spray a week or two later.

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    My first question is: Are you licensed to spray for weeds? Here in North Central Oklahoma I offer a 4 step spray program: February, April, June, and October. The clients can choose any of the four. I specifically state that we are WEED CONTROL NOT TOTAL WEED ELIMINATION. With the wind we have we cannot completely eliminate weeds in a yard. We try but the weeds still appear in between sprayings. With some weeds it is necessary to go back and spot spray.
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    Sounds like they got it all taken care of....from their website.

    Hello. My name is Justin Woodford and I graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2008 with a major in Electrical Engineering and Minor in Business Administration. I love the outdoors so I have decided to continue landscaping even after I finished college. With 10 years experience in the field, and 5 years experience analyzing complicated electrical circuits, I am confident I can solve your lawn problems.

    We are locally owned and operated out of Narragansett, Rhode Island. Our crews consist of recent college graduates and other young, motivated people; we do not use any foreign labor unlike many other companies in the field.

    We have been able to steadily grow because of our reputation for reliability, dedication to every customer, and precision in our work.

    We carry $1,000,000 liability insurance for your peace of mind and our employees are fully covered by workmen's compensation. We are also state certified to apply pesticides.

    You will find that we are extremely organized, clean, and efficient. You will know when we are coming. Your calls will be returned. And on top of it all, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that our prices are very reasonable.

    I appreciate this opportunity to serve all of your lawn care needs.


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    Weed & Feed is a waste of time and money, unless you can time being there on a dewy morning for it to stick. From "edited": above (previously: below) posts, I see you are licensed and sincerely looking for advice. You might have to eat the time for now until you can buy the right equipment for larger lawns. If you have good credit, but a ride on and consider it an investment. If this isn't an option, pass up the bigger lawns for fert & squirt until you have the equipment. IMHO the profit margins are much better for fert & squirt on smaller lawns. I love my 5k - 10k lawns :dancing:
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    I have been doing straight fertilizer and spot spraying weeds for 7 years, no ride on units, just 4 gallon backpack sprayers. I don't do lawns over 12,000-period. Pick you niche and let the companies that have the equipment do the larger lawns.

    If you have one 5,000ft lawn and charge $400 per year, can you charge the 20,000ft lawn $1,600 per year (doubt it)??? 4 hours to spot spray a lawn-you can probably do 10 small lawns in that time. I take the tiny lawns and make tons more money.

    Weed and feed fertilizer is worthless. You need the spray the weeds. Since I only spot spray its worth it to buy the best on the market. I use T-Zone with a spreader/sticker. Sometimes Imprelis with lots of caution. Since you only spot spray you will use much less chemicals-your customers will LOVE this-HUGE HUGE selling point. That also means you can charge more money. Whenever I see a potential customer I immediately tell them I am more expensive because I only spot spray.
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    on the other hand , i just started dragging the hose across the yard on the second app wether it needs a blanket app or not

    ive had a few customers question if they are getting what they paid for , when they see me around the yard with a BP

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