weed control on athletic fields

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by dwmason, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Less than $30 per acre for the Celsius vs $100 per acre for the Revolver. Cheap and it will take lots of broadleaf weeds with it. I keep Revolver as a specialty product for goosegrass and a kicker for Celsius when trying to remove weed species of paspalum.
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    Based on your original post ... I read the tone as "I don't know what I'm doing and haven't done much research. Someone tell me what to do and give their program."

    You can get away with treating the field like a cool season turf in the fall and winter and a warm season in spring and summer. There are many different options and chemicals that you can use depending on your budget. I would suggest spraying out the rye in spring but the heat will kill it off if budget is a concern. Soil test it for lime and nutrients needed. You can use regular lawn ore or step up to athletic field pre to avoid root pruning.

    What type of program or applications do you have in place? It would be easier to suggest changes to your program rather than assume you have one in place.
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    I just applied 18-0-4 w/Evade(Barricade) on Bermuda SB and BB fields overseeded w/Trilogy rye blend. They will just deal with a few broadleaf weeds until may when I spray to kill the rye out. then I'll use Manor, Certainty or Celcius with some 3way and Feature 6-0-0 w/fe,mg,mn,and s.
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    I am new to these Chem apps and still learning and I read on here all the time but sometimes you guys "industry lingo" goes right over my head. but from what i am reading above... are you taking celsius and mixing it with a 3 way in a back pack sprayer? Or are you using a more idustrialized type of sprayer? Also where are you getting the mixing directions for 2 totally different chemicals? I am guessing it is most likely on one of the 2 products labels.
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    I don't usually blanket with celcius. I use a 14 ft boom for large properties. My go to mix in May on overseeded ballfields is usually 1q/a surflan, 3/8 oz/a manor, 1.5 q/a 3 way and 2 lbs/a feature 6-0-0 w/fe,mg,mn,s.

    Last year, I did an experiment. I used Manor and 3way on the playing surface of a fb field that's also used for spring soccer. I used Revolver and Celcius on the out of bounds area's. No better, no worse on rye removal or broadleaf control. The Celcius/Revolver combo obviously works better on dallisgrass and such.
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    In the Northeastern states of CT, NJ & NY there are restrictions and out right bans on using pesticides on school grounds.

    Sports turf managers now have to depend heavily on cultural methods such as aeration, seeding, mowing and irrigation to reduce weed pressure. Pre-emergents and most blanket treatments are restricted or banned. Until very recently there was no selective post-emgerent product for broadleafs or crab grass.

    It's a whole new ball game here.

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