Weed Control -Pre? Post? Chemical Brands? Sprayer type?


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I have a 2 acre lawn that's mostly open and I need some clear cut advice on what to do about it. The lawn type varies in different areas but it's primarily St. Augustine, zoysia and fescue. I'm not in the business so I don't have any professional application equipment. My sister has her chemical license and said she would help out but her experience is rusty at best. I would gladly hire this job out but no one in my area does this type of work. I'm located in Columbia, TN if anyone knows of someone; please forward their contact information to me.

Can someone provide me with specific answers to the following?
1) What is a good chemical combination to eliminate broadleaf and crabgrass?

2) When and in what order do you recommend applying your recommendations for question #1?

3) How much should I plan to pay for the chemicals recommended for question # for my 2 acre yard?

4) Will any of the chemicals recommended for question #1 have an adverse affect if I decide to use a growth regulator (PrimoMaxx)?

5) Would a standard Fimco trailer sprayer http://www.fimcoindustries.com/ (lg-1500) work for these applications? I know it isn't ideal... but will it work?

Thanks so much for any help you can offer.


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It's highly unlikely that you will find any solid St. Augustine lawns in middle Tn.. Southern Alabama yes but far too cold North of Birmingham. As far as the other questions..come by Dickens Supply in either Nashville (my location) or the Cool Springs facility and we can help you set up your own program with prices etc.

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