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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by b.lawncare, Jan 28, 2009.

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    I've got a commercial pesticide applicators license. I've had it for almost 1 year. I've done very little spraying and i'm still trying to get a base price for applying PRE-M and Three Way. I want to spread fertilizer also. I want to be competitive with Trugreen and Scotts and the local Chemlawn companies around here. Can anyone help me.
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    A years a long time to decide just call them up to see what they charge than call and get a price on material and see if you can do it for that but i would guess you cant with the cost of every thing than get your own price and do a good job but you will never get any where if you dont make that decision we cant tell you what to charge do a search on pricing may give you a idea
    Charles Cue cost + profit
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    Good point shop the competition. I worked as a manger for one of the companies listed above and we used to get other companies to price our own yards to see what the market was doing. The big guys will check out you so do the same, call them and get a estimate from them on your yard at home or your parents yard. Then do the math and see where you need to be to make money and see if you can compete with them.
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    Sometimes I'll see a bill hanging on a door that Scott's or Tru-Green left after doing a job. I'll take a peep at the bill to see what they charged.
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    In reading the posts on this site for some time I feel like I do things different then most lawn guys. Maybe thats why I haven't chimed in sooner. I charge a kind of monthly rent to keep peoples lawns. On ave. I get $50 a month from only 25 customers. I only do this part time but it is a great suplimental income. Anyway, I factor in my cost usually per Oz. vs. how much I use on avg. per lawn and compair it to my GM. The cool thing about it is my GM is always pretty high and its an extra $800 dollars in my pocket a month during the growing season. Long and short do the math and weigh the cost of the product vs. what you get out of it!!:drinkup:
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    that is an odd way of doing thngs barefoot, but whatever works. we got pricing from several other companies and did cost analysis to see if we could produce for the same price and that is the best way. start with chemlawn, pick on those guys first and make them come give you an estimate for several sized properties to get an average per ftsq they are treating for. keep in mind, usually the bigger the lawn, the cheaper per ftsq it wil be. the choice is ultimatly yours, but you can easly price yourself out of work on large areas if this is not kept in mind.
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    I sold my mowing business about 2 years ago and started in the pesticide business full time. We also do a monthly pay plan as well. Currently I have about 70 customers paying on avg $35 per month. I do 6 apps during the course of a year. Of course aeration and seeding in the fall is extra. Most my lawns are less than 10,000, mostly around the 5 to 7,000 range. So the way it figures is about $70 per application. However my customers pay monthly. I like it and the customers seem to like it.
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    Why only seven bare foot lawns and not 25???

    Anyway, I wish I could get customers on a monthly payment plan, budgeting would be so much easier. I know some guys out on the island that do it that way and it works great for them. I cant convince people around here to do the payment plan. Chime in and let us know how you convince a customer to write a check for $50 a month.
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    Seven of the lawns are the ones that I am really take pride in! Not that I give any less attention to my other lawns. (converts from local guys that do great work) My convincing comes from from just being there: I find that if you are there and make an effort people will either have a tangent face to praise or ***** at . As I said its part time ( nights and weekends) but I'm on their lawn every week, atleast once once a week. Even if I just show up it was an effort and on a few the turf is nice enough that I actually just fert and physically pull two or three weeds and move on. This system works great for me!:drinkup:

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