weed control prior to fall seeding

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. grassmasterswilson

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    I know there are a variety of new products out for spraying weeds prior to fescue seeding. What is/has everyone used? Results and reviews?

    I've mostly used speedzone 7+ days prior to seeding to get broadleafs. Was wondering about the newer products and the control.
  2. ron mexico75

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    Q4 is pretty decent. I think that would be a little better then Speedzone in late summer. I say that due to crab and grassy weeds needing to be killed off that might have come through the spring pre emergent.

    Only downside is a month before reseeding.
  3. grassmasterswilson

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    Q4 is a good product but the reseed wait time is 30 days.

    Its 7 days on speedzone which will get the broadleafs and the drop in temperature here should turn crabgrass dormant.

    there are some newer products that can be sprayed the day before. tenacity is one I think?? maybe???
  4. grassmasterswilson

    grassmasterswilson LawnSite Platinum Member
    from nc
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    anyone got anything good to say about tenacity? Seems to work slow, but has some pre effect
  5. Brett Thomas

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  6. Smallaxe

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    Here in the North with cool-season grasses, all of the seed needs to be down and even growing before the frost kills the CG... Broadleaf kill is best done when the weeds are actively growing and bringing in the winter stores for their next Spring eruption... Any type of broadleaf control right now would just be a waste, because they are as lethargic as everything else and will be less likely to drink in the chemical at all...
    The rule is that any irrigated lawn that needs more than a little spot spraying is a garbage lawn and doesn't deserve reseeding... spot spraying is so much simpler and more profitable, yet most squirt&fert guys continue to blanket the lawn with everything all the time... this habit makes growing grass difficult, if not impossible...
    That is the schedule for us in the coolseason North... :)
  7. the irrigator

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    On a related note I just took over a lawn that was seeded this Spring with no apparent pre emergent weed control. Has about 20-30% crabgrass and goosegrass. Any ideas on how to clean up the grassy weeds to allow fall seeding. It's about two acres and spot spraying probably isn't practical. The lawn is a mixture of 1/3 each of fine fescue, blue and rye (irrigated). I was considering Tenacity with NIS but am concerned about the fine fescue. Thoughts?
  8. Smallaxe

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    The extra effort to kill annuals at this time of year is kind of a waste... Is the weed you call goosegrass an annual???

    Mow it low and broadcast/slitseed the seed now or anytime before frost... When the weeds die, they will be cover for the new seedlings that should be established b4 winter... dormant seed any thin spots when the ground freezes and put off pre-m until a couple weeks before the first shoots of CG are scheduled to appear...
  9. RigglePLC

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    Good advice, Small.
    It is difficult--and many sites will need to seed on top of crabgrass this fall.
    What is the best method?

    What has worked for your situation? Your opinion?

    I hope to do some tests.

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