Weed Control Products


Springfield, IL
I was wondering if anyone has any recommendation on weed control products for cool season grasses. I'm looking for something that I don't have to be too careful with as far as killing grass. Do you use different products at different times of the year, or one product for most applications. <p>Also, if I don't use pre emergents, will I be defeating my purpose???<p>John


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Are you talking about broadleafs or grassy weeds?<p>For broadleafs: I think it depends on the shape your lawns are in. I took over a group of lawns this year that are loaded with weeds. I am using an ester this spring for control.<p>If your properties are relatively weed free, an application with a standard 3-way amine 2-3 times per year should do the job.


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What is the diff between amine and ester types?<br>What are the common Brand types of each,I am In the south. mostly bermuda and centipede.<br>Thanks for the help<br>


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Atlanta, GA
Esters are more volitile, Esters are for use in cool weather. The vapor drift from ester formulation can damage near bye ornamental plants. The warmer the temps the more vapor you will have from ester formulations. Use a Amine formulation in warmer weather.<br>Esters for winter.<br>Amines for spring, summer and fall.