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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ready1, Jul 26, 2012.

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    Hi guys. I have a small lawn care company that is located in Minnesota. I have a couple of questions that I hope you can help me with. I tank mix everything into a liquid application of herbicide and weed control.

    Tough weeds: This year I have had a hard time controlling some of the more hardy weeds. Creeping Charlie, violets and Oxalis (wood sorrel?) are my main pain in the butts. In May I use trimec for weed control and in June and early July I use Surge as a more aggressive herbicide (Both at 4 pints per acre). This year I have seen very poor results on the three weeds listed above. The temps have been very high and the moisture very low this past month. Any advice?

    Crab grass: In the spring I used the preemergant Resolve at the high rate. This year the CG is exploding. I would like some post emerg. options. I have backpacked drive in the past but many of the lawns have a lot of CG so the entire lawn needs to be sprayed. Do any of you tank mix cg control in with your normal weed control and fertilization applications? I am concerned about burn, effectiveness and expense since products like Drive are not cheap to tank mix.
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    I suggest Speedzone for the tough weeds, use at the maximum rate, be sure to include a spreader-sticker. In my tests, burn was not a problem with Speedzone even at high temperatures and including heavy spreader-sticker. Dry conditions when the weeds are mature or growing slowly are not good for weed control.
    Drive is labeled for violets by the way. Quicksilver burns'em back pretty good also.

    I hope to test Drive in the next few days to see if it will burn the grass at high temps or high rates.

    I could not find "Resolve" pre emergent--exactly what is the active ingredient? Considering the crabgrass flush, I am thinking you would not recommend this Resolve to others.

    Surge could potentially cause injury at high rates and high temperatures--judging from my tests.
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    I experience this same issue....split apps of preemergent (Lesco brand)...I blanket app with 3-way in the spring with usually a quicksilver spiker...this issue I have is when the temps go up...tough to kill but man the violets are back and I don't dare spray anything...seems to happen every summer this time of year? Not to hijack a thread but how to you control weeds in the "heat of the summer"?? It was 94 here today in NW PA but usually the temps are in the 80's here this time of year.
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    Sorry, I gave you the wrong name on the crab grass preemergent. I tank mix Resolute in the spring with trimec. The active ingredient is Prodiamine. I have used dimmension in the past but switched as a cost cutting measure. I do use speed zone in fall. My understanding is that speed zone will burn the turf in high temps (85-95 degrees) so I have not tried it in the warmer temps. I think it works great in cooler temps. Have you used speed zone in warmer temps?

    Does anyone tank mix drive (or some other crab grass control) with another herbicide and fertilizer in june and july and simply include it as part of that application?
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    When you say "heavy spreader-sticker", what type of rate are you meaning? I have used surfactants in some back pack aps but never as a tank mix adjuvant.

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