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    Anyone care to exchange renewal letters?

    all my services are auto renewed, but I am going to start sending a renewal letter to inform them of the price and different payment options. As well as update them with any new services we offer and any contract/property info that has changed.

    I'm trying to make it as simple and straight forward as possible. I will be happy to exchange letters for those who would like to. PM me.
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    Retired now. I always listed the price per ap, number of apps, the yearly price, and the dollars saved by prepaying.

    I always tried to point out an improvement we were making in the service for next year.
    Especially if the biggest companies do not have it.
    Better herbicide. Improved slow-release nitrogen. Partial organic fert. Safer product. Low odor product. New, better grub control. New equipment. New educational or certifications--or new people who have more training.
    Lower price or freebies now included--like free nutsedge control for small spots.
    Email us 24/7. Phone answered 6 am to 9 pm. Improved guarantee. Free soil test--upon request. Lime in fall at half-price.
    Give them a reason to keep you coming back.

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