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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by humble1, Jul 1, 2008.

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    there is a co that ad for organic lawn care- uses vinegar extract and a fatty oil to do broadleaf weed control. does this work well and how can you apply w/out killing the grass? sideswiper?
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    Im knee deep in vinegar and soap right now....

    Both work much better when its hot, sunny, and no rain in the immediate forecast. Im liking soap better than vinegar right now becase there is much better adhesion to the leaf surface with soap and you get less run off and less unintended burn down but applying is a slow and painstaking process
    and it will burn the crap outta grass.

    Depending on the situation I'll lightly (very lightly) spray/dribble onto the leaf surface or I've even got one of those envelope wetter aplicators if Im in a bed and don't even want to think about over spray. Hands and knees kind of stuff so if you can't bill accordingly it wont make sense for you.

    I get very good burndown on dandie leafs and plantain but it doesn't kill the root obviously so you'll be re-applying at some point. Clover is only so-so with both but soap knocks the socks off oxalis, nightshade, spurge, purslane, and most annuals I've come up against so far.

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