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I was wondring if anyonge out there has used a product called CONFRONT? The active ingredient is (clopyralid) for post emergent control. <p>I also saw an add for two pre-emergents named PORTRAIT and WIPEOUT. Has anyone had experience with these two products. I am looking for a pre-emergent with broadleaf weed control. Also, I dont want to get the vasoline out when I go to buy these type products.
A one one time confront was the only product <br>(with multiple applications) that would control ground ivy and wild voilets.<br>I remember buying a gallon of it for $103.<p>The &quot;in&quot; product (last year) was Momentum<br>sold by Lesco ($30 gal). It is a little more enviro freindly than Trimec and controls the <br>ground ivy and wild voilets with repeated<br>applications.<p>Of course you will need to be a licensed<br>certified applcator to apply commercially.<br>If I see you using a sprayer in my service<br>areas and you don't have a license number on your truck you can be sure I will drop a dime<br>on you to the pesticide cops.


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MHWC, I could not find reference to Portrait or Wipeout on EPRII 4th Qrtr '99 listings. Confront is a combo of triclopyr + clopyralid from DowAgro that is a great control for clover, and one of the most dependable for violets. Two products we have had terrific broadbased results with are Riverdale's Millenium Ultra (2,4-D, clopyralid, & dicamba) and Cool Power (ester combo: MCPA, dicamba, clopyralid). The control of these two is as good as tank mixes of Confront and 2,4-D based products in the past, but those mixes required critical measurement. Confront will run in the range of $100/gal, but is a low mix rate of 1/2 oz/gal. Cool Power and Millenium Ultra will run about $120 for 2½ gal.<p>I assume you are looking for turf broadleaf preemergents. If you are, then have the vasoline ready. However, it is sensible for some operators to use it. Depends on what your market is. They are mostly used by lawn care operators in high end markets. We have used Ronstar (NOT LABELED for residental turf) and Gallery is also available. Gallery has a broader spectrum of coverage. Don't know current pricing on these.<p>If you are only doing lawn care, the broadleaf preemergents may be useful. But if you are full maintenance, you'll be at the site every week, so you can keep up with any weed outbreaks.<p>Jim

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