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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by buckrufr, Jul 9, 2008.

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    I do that kind of work here for $60-80/1000 sq ft with a 1 year growback warranty. My normal application is Karmex, 2,4-D and MSMA. No glyphosate, because I feel it is an overused product.
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    This must be the one thing I am too cheap on. I am doing kill outs for Sod Companies for a Flat $ 100.00. I use a 12V 25 gallon spot sprayer and a 300 ft 1/4 hose reel. I am going at least 1.5 to 2 Gallons per thousand mixed at 3 oz per gallon and get a great kill first time. I like a medium volume spray of 2 gallon per thousand because I can get total leaf coverage and get the young plants that are under the bigger weeds.
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    I need to explain my low quotation. That doesn't include any drive time BTW. It would take me five minutes to spray 3000 sq ft. I use a Shurflo electric backpack sprayer -- best sprayer I've used. Grab it and go, no pumping, even flow.

    Also, I'd figure on about $10 for chemicals. If I sprayed that lot in 5 minutes, that would leave a profit of $10/five minutes, which is 120/hour. Again, that price wouldn't include any driving time. That would be extra.

    Also, your choice of chemicals to spray doesn't make any sense to me. Are you familiar with weed control? Sounds like you want to eliminate all the vegetation. I'd suggest a combination of round/up and finale or two other types of vegetation with 2 modes of action - to kill the top growth and the roots.

    My MAIN suggestion is do NOT use Signal Blue or any other colorant. I have tried these before and the leave a mess EVERYWHERE. You'll be cleaning up this stuff for YEARS. AVOID!!
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    The chemical costs are trivial in these matters. It really comes down to

    1. time spent
    2. cost of equipment (and its upkeep) you're using
    3. fuel, office expenditures, taxes

    If you understand those #'s, then you cover your base and add for the time it takes.

    I have a custom built 6g sprayer that I just pull around the yard with me. Runs off a small battery and a 12V pump. I could knock out 3k of grass in mere minutes with one tank. My actual chemical cost would be $4, wear and tear on the equipment would be less than $1. So anything beyond about $12 (if the job is within my service area) would be profit I made with a time commitment of 15 minutes (from pulling up to filling out paperwork and pulling away)...
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    What about gas? What about wear and tear on your sprayer? Insurance? Taxes? Office time to create invoice, record payments?

    Gotta know your costs. And one should ALWAYS worst-case-scenario their costs when going into any job, no matter how small...
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    I agree 100%. The Surflo bp sprayers I've used are under 200 bucks and have lasted 2 seasons for me and going. Minimal cost there.

    I'd charge 60/hour for any drive time, that is clearly additional.

    As far as invoicing/record-keeping, etc., the profit of 120/hour takes care of those few minutes.

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