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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tim cooper, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. tim cooper

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    Hi guys and gals!!! Just got a big account. County hospital/nursinghome. Im estimating approximately 10 acres including the buildings. He asked me about weed control. I normally just mow/trim/edge/blow/. My question is the weed control more of spot spraying or broadcast type of herbicide. Also what kind of price do u guys quote for some thing like that.:confused:
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    I hate to be the first to ask but are you licensed? I will assume no since you are asking this question, I'd also be suprised they accepted your bid if you didn't have a license.

    Not trying to be hard on you but did you figure the cost/labor of the fertilizer and weed control in your bid?
  3. tim cooper

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    went to county agent today and got paperwork/books etc. today

    As for quote i quoted only edging/mowing/blowing... He asked out of blue after we ok the agreement.. I was wondering exactly how to go about the application. Went to county co-op and priced cover all herbicide for weeds. btw as of now I am NOT spraying herbicide until i am liscenced... Right next to the hospital is about 200 acres of land used for COTTON!!! I do not nor will I appy herbicide until I am liscenced. Thanks for asking.:blob1:
  4. tim cooper

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    btw.. just for giggles figured 250 dollars for application... reasonable?:rolleyes:
  5. KirbysLawn

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    Yes.....for a 2 acre lawn.


    I would consider getting someone locally to give you a quote if you subed them out. As for the $250 an app, no way you are doing any kind of regular program for that.

    For example, since this is a property that is in the eye of the public for all to see I would assume you want to have grass and have it looking good. Since it's near a field weeds and crabgrass may be a huge problem. What is the condition of the grass now?

    If you made one application of Dimension preemergent your cost would be a little over $600 for the supplies, then you have to have equipment and labor to apply over 10 acres. If you are applying a weed & feed you cost will be simular.

    So your figure of $250 is way off, I would charge around $1340.00 for each of 5 applications.
  6. Kent Lawns

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    Step 1: measure the lawn.

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