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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MOturkey, Sep 23, 2011.

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    OK, I know this is the wrong forum, but just a quick question. I have a chain link fence around my backyard, and there is about a foot of space between it and the farmer's barbed wire fence along the back side. It is a royal pain to get over the fence and trim, so I generally spray with glyso, but it only lasts for a month or so. Is there something I can buy without an applicator's license that will kill the vegetation for the whole season? Thanks.
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    i would just let it grow and not bother cutting it or spraying it....your fence should be on the property border anyways not a foot from the border...if it is then that was a mistake when they installed it...so anything on the otherside of the fence would be the other person's property but i have seen alot that aren't put on the property line which i always found to be weird....it's also weird to have two fences back to back like that...why not just share the same fence and put it on the property border?...just makes it easier to take care of that way...you do your side and they do theirs lol.
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    Spraying once a month isn't so bad, is it? You could put down a PreM with your gly. app.. But, you're probably going to need to water it in.

    Check with your supplier (in your area). If it's going down on your personal property, I doubt you'd have any issues purchasing the materials.
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    Lesco had something you could mix into roundup that lasts a year can't think of it off hand, little bottle goes a long way.
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    Mix in some pramitol with your roundup
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    Yea just let it grow up taller than his chain link fence, that will look much better.
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  7. Sureguard works very good.
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    ProDeuce by nufarm
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