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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by finish line strips, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. finish line strips

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    Does anybody know of a granular weed control that you can put down any time???
  2. Snapshot, but wrong weed control.....

    There is no such animal.
  3. wmsland

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    Lebanon has been advertising New Confront, a granular, that can be put down when the grass is wet or dry, for broadleaf weed control. It comes either as a weed and feed or straight weed control. I had used this product a few years back with good results. When I saw an advertisement for it in Turf I asked my dealer if he could get some and his reply was that Confront had been banned. So is this a new product or are they just advertising trying to get rid of old stock ? It is/was a good product and would like to use it again. Any info?
  4. philk17088

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    Not banned, some communities have banned clippings treated with it from their green re-cycling programs. Confront's makers voluntarily submitted for label changes. Some states have banned it but others have not. Check with the epa or your state agency to find out for sure for your area.
  5. High temp is what 85?
  6. jasond

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    You can always put down Lesco's 0-0-7 with Pre-M to prevent germination and not affect the nitrogen count(s) of your lawns.

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