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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Expert Lawns, Jan 13, 2004.

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    ExpertLawns - since the fines for not having a license start at $5,000 grand and go up for every additional infraction and most licensed guys report everyone they see, you may want to rethink your position on this. I'll offer you an alternative suggestion. Become buddies with a licensed applicator in your area. Refer all your spraying to him, in exchange he'll offer mowing to you. I do this with great success for both parties involved. Explain to your customer about the fines, and that at this time, you have a guy that will take care of what needs to be done. No one breaks the law, you're happy, customer is happy. If you want to venture in the pest application side of the business down the road, then get the necessary licensing/insurance/certification to do so. Keep in mind, that the law is very specific. If you apply a pesticide for HIRE, then you need a license. It doesn't matter if the homeowner purchased the chemical or not, if he is paying you to apply it, you need a license.
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    I dont really see where his response was ignorant. What seems ignorant to me is you know you will be breaking the law and insist on doing it.
    You are not located anywhere near me so I am not after your business. But too many people give the industry a bad name by misapplying pesticides.
    It is harmful to us all. Either sub out the work or get licensed.
    And just because you have a license doesnt make you a walking encyclopedia of pesticides. I have been licensed for over a year now and either I ask these guys what they have used and what has worked best for them or I ask the guys and gals at the chemical company I buy from.
    I received my pesticide report from the state today. lol inside was a list of people where they were from and what pesticide law they had broken. Fines ranged from $250.00 up to $1500.00. Oh and there was one for $150.00 and all he did was recommend a pesticide for a homeowner to use. He didnt have a license.
    I have seen fines lately up to $50,000 for small LCOS, can you handle fines like this out of your pocket change?
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    roundup is breaking the law? i understand you guys are thinking on a professional level which is what you SHOULD do. i wanted to help out a few helpless old ladies. that is it. this thread was pointless. i'll just spray the roundup for them when they ask and leave it like that. i guess it's my ass.
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    you did help me realize that i cannot make it a full time service. i do appreciate that.
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    In North Carolina all you have to do is take a day class (coop extent.) and at the end of the day take a multiply choice test. If you pass the test the state sends your certificate in about 5 weeks,(plus $50.00)
    Now you're legal.
    Maybe its this easy in your state, call your state cooperative extension.
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    To ask such a question in this forum made up of "Professional Lawncare Associates" is mindboggling. Firts of all even if Grandma Smith provided you the product you still could not apply it for hire.

    Is the small profit worth the risk? That is the question you should be asking yourself. Additionally if you have to ask which product to use for crack and crevice & post emerge in beds that alone should tell you your not ready to spray.

    Then to slam the same people who are offering the right advice is childish. Might I recommend a company name change....

    Novice Lawns... just mowing does not make a expert on lawncare...


    my thoughts take as you like

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    I do agree with you guys. I have been busting my hump the last month studying to be certified so i can apply legally so that I am a step above just being that grass cutter...
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    Grassmechanic has offered up the best solution.Buddy up with a good applicator and the two of you can work together.I do this andI have found it to work out very good for me. I have a couple of dozen folks ask me about mowing and maintenance every year.I give them his name and a few good words and he does the same for me, its win - win. We also work together on some larger veg. control accounts and we both make nice money. Do yourself a favor and work this out before you get in trouble.
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    Yes, R-up is against the law. So is spraying a can of Raid, if you are being paid to do it.
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    If you are being paid to do it you are an applicator for hire and must be certified and have a license. I just passed my exam yesterday. Five months of studying payed off. Know Because I'm self employed my business must be licensed ($125) and I must be licenced ($60). Not to mention insurance.

    If your going to apply the stuff get your license!

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