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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by HankB, May 17, 2006.

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    I am not a commercial mowing firm, I own a Scag 48" tiger cub, mow about 10 acres per week on our properties and I have alot of weed eating to do weekly. i dont mind paying a premium price for good commercial equipment.

    The wife buys some snapper weed eater i hate because every 5 minutes you have to fool with the darn line, so i go buy an Echo with the head that you use individual strings that pock in, thinking that would solve my problem, i end up every couple of feet having to put in a new piece of string.

    So i buy a new head that the string wraps around and comes out with a dual line. I use 095 line to 105. Either the line does not feed on one end or the other or I am having to stop and re-string the head every 5 minutes.

    To make a short story long:) I just want a weed eater that i can run and feed line and finish a job with out having to re string the darn thing every 5 minutes. Any Suggestions? I end up spending more time fiddling with the line than actually weed eating.

    I want a weed eater that speeds more time working and less time working on. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  2. lawnmaniac883

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    Stihl fs100rx has my vote. Great unit with a great cutting head.
  3. F Haney

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    I have all Stihl trimmers and blowers and love them. I have mowed commercially for 10 years and would not switch, although I'm sure there are other fine brands. i currently have FS-80 and FS 85's in service. I would recommend any commercial Stihl weed eater. Good luck.
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    fs80s will do a great job.
  5. dr9

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    My vote goes to the Shinadaiwa T261. Great trimmer with power and no problems with head. Mow and trim 40 acre business and never have to stop and mess with the line.
  6. probe1957

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    You own a nice mower. Buy a nice string trimmer. It will be orange and branded Stihl. :)
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    Any "commercial" brand trimmer will work great for you. I prefer Stihl, but any of the major brands should work great for you. I have used Shindaiwa, Tanaka, Echo, and Stihl. All make nice units, I use Stihl based on my local dealer support.
  8. I like the Stihl bump-feed head too. But I've had a couple of Echo trimmers before that. Stihl has the advantage where they seperate the two lines with a little partition on the spool so they don't get tangled inside the head.

    But it's possible to use the Echo head without it tangling too.
    First cut off one big length of line to put on the spool. About 20 feet. Loop it thru something handy. I used the door handle of the truck. Start both ends of the line into the spool. Then without twisting the line wind the line onto the spool. Keep tension on the line so it winds neatly onto the spool. The lines should be side by side when they wind onto the spool. When you wind yourself back to the truck clip the line in two. When you clip the line, hold onto the two ends so they don't unravel off of the spool. Keep hold of these two ends until you get the spool installed back into the cutter head.

    It sounds like an elaborate process. But it's much easier than dealing with the "bird's nests" that can happen if you don't.

    A couple of tips, put the line cutters into your pocket or it will all unravel when you try to reach them from the door handle of the truck.
    Use good line. I like Shakespere brand. The cheap brands are so soft the movement of the cutter head causes the line to jiggle. It causes friction in the lines and they weld themselves together inside the cutting head. A real PITA!

    Good luck

  9. br549oicu8

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    Been using the Echo bump-n-feed heads for 15 years. Must be the way you are widing the strin or you are using a light duty version. I would not buy any Echo series trimmer lighter than the 260 series.
  10. Splicer

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