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Weed Eater Lawn Mower

Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Dennis Davis, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Dennis Davis

    Dennis Davis LawnSite Member
    Messages: 41

    I sharpened my first Weed Eater lawn mower the other day. It was a bit different from most that I have done. The blade was stamped "French" on it and one side was typical of a mulching blade, but the other side was more of a flat blade. I sharpened the mulching side first, then scratched my head as to how I was going to do the other side. Luckily, I had read on the forum that the MM8000 can just be turned around and the blade sharpened from the back side. Worked great, customer satisfied and money in the bank. I do wonder why the blade is sharpened on a side that doesn't come in contact with the grass? I'm getting more and more customers and all are saying that they see a difference in the appearance of their lawns after using a freshly sharpened blade.
  2. Magna-Matic

    Magna-Matic Sponsor
    Messages: 839

    Hello Dennis,

    Thanks for your post. I sounds like this blade has a left-handed edge if you came in from the pulley side of the MAG-8000. Yes there are some very very odd blades out there, and they change almost every year sometimes.

    Thank you,
  3. Dennis Davis

    Dennis Davis LawnSite Member
    Messages: 41

    Hi Gerd,

    Yes, it was a bit different than most blades. I did sharpen the mulching side in the normal fashion, then, as you state, the straight side had to be done from the pulley side. I was glad that I had read all the previous posts so I knew what I needed to do to finish the job.

    Thanks for a great product.

    Dennis in Boise, Idaho

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