Weed-eater or Edger???????

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by DillonsLawnCare, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. mgray10

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    For the record:

    When one edges a bed or hardscaping, an edger should be used to control growth of the turf roots, too. The only exceptions I see are when there is significant wiring that is known to be shallow, and when the turf grade is high enough above the hardscape or bed to visibly see the roots (line trimmer will hit these easily). Since I don't like running an edger around the beds, I stress that the bed edge is created properly so that the mulch meets the turf down by the roots.

    Edging isn't just about cutting the grass, gentlemen.
  2. jiggz

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    from jerz
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    there is no way you can establish an edge with a trimmer (weed eater) so if its bad i use a walkbehind edger... not to bad i use a stick edger.. but once i establish the edge... i only use the trimmer... beginning of each season i use the stick once then the rest of the time its the line trimmer

    ALC LAWNCARE LawnSite Member
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    i use a weedeater
  4. Trenchblade

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    I only use an edger, no offense to the guys who use a string trimmer to edge with, that why they make them.
  5. Groomer

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    I'm on my third tanaka edger, love 'em. It the only shaft driven edger, and its nimble enough to go anywhere. I even use it to tidy up existing beds.
  6. BigGreen1

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    This has been asked before. I thought about it for quite awhile. I have used both and have decided...edgers don't cut grass and line trimmers don't cut dirt. Use an edger to establish an edge and a trimmer to maintain it.

  7. bighaydenslawn

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    I use a Stihl 2-Stroke trimmer for all of the walk and bed edging. I think it does a satisfactory job.
  8. sulcl

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    Trimmer. It might take you two or three times to get that perfect edge.
  9. Green Earth Inc.

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    All depends if you want curb appeal. Hardedging is clean, crist and fresh. Detail matters in our indestry. Line Trimming is sloppy. Gaps develop by L.T. Bad!
  10. tomc327

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    Cheap $40 walk behind Craftsman edger (Craigslist) at the beginning of each month and the line trimmer the rest of the month.

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