Weed Eater Review Comparison fs94r vs fs91r vs 525LST vs 2620T and a fs240r vs 535LS vs 35cc Honda

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    So I figured since I own all of these Id ive you guys the a review comparison. I wish I had a 3020T and a T344 to add to the big trimmer comparison but I do not sorry.

    So lets start with Performance

    Small Trimmers

    Performance- in normal grass cutting a 16” swath they all perform very well, the 2620T takes the lead by a small margin. In taller grass at a 18-20” swath the 525LST shines the most, followed by the 2620T then fs91r and the fs94r which will bog a lot.

    Weight- the fs94r is the lightest, followed by the 525LST by less than half a pound. The 2620T is almost a full pound heavier than the 525LST, and the fs91r is the heaviest at a half pound heavier than the 2620T. This is fueled up, why fueled? Each trimmer has a tank size to last roughly 45 minutes of solid trimming, so if it requires more fuel to do so then that should be considered more weight.

    Ergonomics(not bias for heaviness)- The 2620T wins in user comfort, most comfortable loop grip and trigger grip. The 525LST takes second place due to the grips being less comfortable but slightly better vibration. The fs94r vibrates and grips are plastic, same for fs91r which has same crappy grips but worse weight distribution.


    fs94r- bogs when faces with taller grass, slow warm up time

    fs91r- poor weight/power ratio, slow warm up time, extra maintainance required

    525LST- sometimes stalls when upside down edging and tank isnt over half, plastic trigger grip.

    2620T- no auto return on kill switch or choke, the engine base is narrow so it rolls around, I had to remove the power head to remove the guard, engine and cables are more exposed.

    So my personal ranking.

    1. 525LST - best performance overall, second lightest, decent ergonomics, easiest starting and fast warm up time, auto return kill switch.

    2. fs94r- super lightweight and fuel efficient, if trimming weekly maintained accounts it has plenty of power...used for 8 hours of trimming in large cemetery and the light weight was great, plus auto return kill switch AND choke.

    3. 2620T- Great power, comfy ergos, its just missing the refinement of the 525LST and fs94r. Needs to lose a little weight and cover up the cables better.

    4. fs91r- poor power/weight ratio make this the worst option, not a great choice due to the extra maintenance cost of 4mix and the powerband is all or nothing.

    Big Trimmers

    Performance- In terms of power the fs240r dominates the 535LS and Honda 35cc trimmer, with the 535LS taking second place and Honda 3rd place. It really shows when equipped with large diameter line and thick weeds.

    Weight- the 535LS is the lightest...over 2 pounds lighter than the fs240r which is almost a pound lighter than the Honda 35cc.

    Ergonomics- the 535LS wins here, best antivibe system, best weight distribution, the Honda 35cc even though heavier feels better weight distributed than the fs240r which has those crappy plastic handles


    535LS- sometimes stalls like the 525LST when upside down edging, doesn’t have the torque gearing which is noticible in taller weeds sometimes

    Honda 35cc- being 4 stroke it only lubricates correctly when turned on side where oil is still being splashed on engine, picky on gas...only likes high octane.

    fs240r- feels clunky and vibrates alot nothin else really negative.

    So my personal ranking.

    1. fs240r...with all the negative it has the performance to put it on the top of the list. Ive came to situations where this trimmer has saved me lots of time on hillsides and ponds etc.

    2. 535LS, great all round trimmer, just needs more torque and it would be extremdly good all way round. Almost light enough to be a small trimmer.

    3. Honda 35cc for being over 16lbs fueled up I expect a monster but this trimmer has less power than the other large trimmers. The no auto return kill switch is annoying as well plus edging usability.

    Now what should you buy?

    If youre buying 2 trimmers for your business, I suggest a 525LST and a fs240r so you have a lightweight all day user and a big trimmer for those special situations.

    If you only plan to get by on one trimmer and solo residentials mostly, the 535LS is the best choice because its light enough to use all day but powerful enough to tackle most tasks.

    If youre a homeowner, want a trimmer to last 20 years and run cheaply? Honda 35cc, you dont have to mix fuel and oil so that 93 octane gas is still cheaper than adding a 2 stroke oil. It also has enough power to do larger weeds when needed just not large areas efficiently.

    I really home this information was helpful, if I ever aquire a 3020T Echo and/or a t344 Shindaiwa I will add them to the review.
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    Thanks for this review. There's some helpful information here.
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    Great review thanks
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    Good review. Thanks for taking the time.
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    Thanks dude! Fs110 all day long, well now the 111. 130 for taking down large diameter oaks 50’ in length.
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    Yeah I think I may trade the fs91r in on a 131r atleast it’ll be a useful heavy trimmer. Eventually I want to get a 3020T to compare with my 535LS and fs240r
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    So I posted my review on Echo’s site and it was denied. But they allowed the review I screenshot from someone else claiming false facts. The Echo is not cheaper than Stihl and Husqvarna comparable equipment it is infact more expensive.

    Hello Mr. Bridges

    Because of liability, it is our policy to not post reviews that mention or reference competitor products. If you would like, you can resubmit your review with competitor references omitted.

    We apologize for the confusion -

    ECHO Marketing Team
    ECHO Incorporated
    400 Oakwood Road, Lake Zurich, IL 60047-1564
    Toll Free: (800) 432-ECHO (3246)

    So I wrote a review on the 2620T verified from this email address and I do not see it listed. Being a professional that owns Echo/Shindaiwa, Stihl, and Husqvarna equipment I believe my review would serve the customers greatly. I have no bias against the three brands and love testing new equipment. Eventually Id like to test a 3020T against my 535LS and FS240r

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    Great review. I’m currently trying to sell my 2620T so that I can get either a 525lst or the Redmax 260ts for all the reasons you mentioned in your review. It’s heavy and vibrates like crazy
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    I only paid $200 for my 2620T, Rural King was switching brands and had it clearanced down very cheap. I dont hate the weedeater it’s just a bit lacking lol. I still forget to move the kill switch sometimes because Im so used to the auto return on Stihl n Husky lol
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