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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by jcltyson, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. jcltyson

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    I have a potiental customer that wishes to do his own mowing but wants me to give him a price on just weed & feeding / areating or any other sporadic type service that may be needed (I'm not talking about a complete lawn renovation, just what would be considered normal lawn maintenance encounters). The area covered is about 7000 square feet and is a business that wants a nice appearance for its customers. What do you think would be a fair estimate?
    Thanks for your thoughts!!:waving:
  2. Meadowbrook

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    Well, first you must know exactly what your client wants. Not just a thought, you can't say that he might want a service. He either does or doesn't. As far as pricing:

    Weed-n-Feed: $75.00 per app

    Overseeding: $135-$145 + rental, if you need anything.

    Keep in mind that I have no idea what the property looks like as far as beds, trees, dips in the yard, etc. go, so the figures should only be a guide, but that's around what I'd charge for those services.

  3. cklands

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    Check you local pesticide laws. Do you have to be licensed to use pesticides? If so sub it out to a local lawn care co., tac on a couple bucks and just give them a price for all the other work.
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    What product are you using? Organic is going to run you a bit more for the stock, sythetic you may need to be licensed. If you are going to go the synthetic route do you have the necessary protective equipment? If not you had better figure each of your customer are going to have to chip in for this, the last thing you want to do is expose yourself to harmful chemicals just to make a few bucks. For aerating I assume you are renting the equipment. i generally charge $22-25 per 1000sq'. This generally should cover you depending on the cost and availability of the equipment. Are other customers requesting this service? If so group them together and just rent once. As far as overseeding goes again what are your seed costs? Are you getting a 20% mark up to provide the seed, what is your hourly rate, even if it is only an internal rate that your customers don't need to know this is crucial to your profitablity. Put all these factors together and add 10-20% for profit.
  5. Meadowbrook

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    So you'd charge at least $154.00 for 7k sq. ft. of application? Is it granular or sprayed on?

    Usually granular can be applied quicker with less cleanup efforts, therefore reducing labor time and it should result in a slightly lower price.

    Personally, I can get 7k sq. ft. done with granular in about 30 min. figuring high including blowing any over spread off driveway or lots

    TURFLORD LawnSite Senior Member
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    Unless you are geared up to do pest. apps. you should pass on the job. "weed and Feed" is a combination product that has to be applied when the grass is wet and is primarily meant for homeowners to use. It's basically worthless. You don't need a license to buy Tri-mec "Classic" ( liquid ), but it's not much better. The only real way to efficiently and productively kill weeds is to use a "restricted use" product in a liquid applied method, but you'll need a license for that. All granulars suck at killing weeds. If you do aerating, watch out for irrigation systems.
  7. jcltyson

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    Thank you so much for your thoughts on this. I do have my state pesticide applicators license however I'm just getting started. I do realize often these 'catch all / do everything' combinations such as weed and feed are not as effective as specialized fertilization and pesticide applications but it's a start.
    Again thank you for your thoughts.

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