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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rixtag, Sep 21, 2000.

  1. rixtag

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    Hi all, I have one question. I put down some weednfeed for a customer ( at their insistance). I watered in and 5-6 hours later it rained hard for about three hours. I am not concerned about the effectiveness of the fertilizer but the trimec w/ dicamba. Have I lost it or is it just weaker? Is it too early to worry or will customer be after me to do it again? Thank you in advance,

    PS. Guido the info you gave me on figuring equipent costs was extremely helpful and enlightning.... thank you

  2. Lazer

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    You lost it.

    Time for a re-app. Use liquid this time.

  3. BRL

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    Get licensed for pesticides & read the label! Trimec should NOT be watered in & not be watered for at least 24 - 48 hours to work, according to the directions. Try again (Like Lazer said, liquid app. will have better results)
  4. MOW ED

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    Even if it didn't rain granular W&F is minimally effective. I know I tried it too. Go liquid but like the man said get certified first. Good Luck.
  5. Samurai WeedWacker

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    Liquid weed killer is the only way to go. However, I think granular fertilizer is better than liquid fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer washes away & pollutes groundwater.

    Rixtag- Start reading labels, dude!! You are likely to get big trouble otherwise.
  6. rixtag

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    from Lehi Ut
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    I expected the spanking guys, I know that. There is no excuse. Customer was and still is very adamant about one LCO. was dependent on getting bid. I realize what the label said and I asked the salesman about that versus his instructions. "trust me, it will work better" I guess that this was a good thing with all of the rain we have had since ( about 15 more hours). as for getting certified that process is underway but not to be completed till spring. I thank you again for the info and once again keep on helping the less informed... we need the help

  7. BRL

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    Lesson learned: Don't trust everything you hear. A salesman at your supplier may have an inventory of 30, 50, 150? different chemicals & fertilizers & blends. Did you look at any pesticide labels? A lot of info there right? You can't expect that salesman to remember how each product should be applied, so always check for yourself. Plus a lot of them just want to push the sale & tell you what you want to hear, "its gonna rain this afternoon? Yea put it down so it gets watered in, no problem." (try to find a reputable supplier if that's the case) Good luck!
  8. Rodg

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    Like the other guys, I agree that liquid app. is the only way to go-best idea you have is to get certified! You may want to talk to this fellow who insists on the granulated about giving the liquid a shot just once, if he doesn't like the results, go back to the granulated, but I bet he'll stay with the liquid once he sees what Trimec will do when applyed the right way!
  9. rixtag

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    Thanks all of you for constructive criticism. I don't at the moment have a source for anything other than homeowner type fert and pesticides anyway. This is definitely and exception but things are a changin' This particular customer is a medium sized area and when landscape was installed it was done el cheapo with no concern for ease of maintenance in the future. "Just grade it plant some plants and throw down some bark, there that looks good lets do it all that way", and I come along make a bid, get the bid and let the weed growing commence. Making any sense yet? NOTE: other properties do not have this problem as the were installed and maintained well before I got the contracts and in the 2 years since my work started not too much trouble with them. This one is a nightmare because of it.
    I have a company that I sub out for that normally but they don't work in the area in question. The competition is such that all medium sized companies offer fert, weed control, shrub trimming, tree trimming as part of their service. I am not big enough to do all of these things myself but when I renew for 2nd or more years I just sub.
    I wonder how you all can get away with just mowing, trimming blowing only? There would be no Rick's Lawn Care if I didn't offer these things. I realize that this is a little off the subject but it definitely is real where I live and I really love doing it.
    Sorry for the long post but I thought a little background might help.


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  10. TLS

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    No Offense rixtag,

    But, why is it that Joe Blow homeowner can go out to Home Cheapo and buy any chemical (just about) or fertilizer (they sell LESCO) that we can. Yet we neet to get licensed and certified.? He can go out and do what rixtag did or ever worse, apply a 15,000 sqft bag on a 3500 sqft lawn. (don't laugh, I have seen it done) I am not licensed, but, probably know just about all I need to, to take the test, yet I will get a $5000.00 fine if I am caught doing it without a BU # on my truck! Go figure.

    All you spray guys, whats the deal with Insurance. My Ins. company asked if I spray or fert., I said no, is it a big jump in premiums?? I was thinking of getting certified and offering it to my 35 or so lawns, but if Ins. premiums are up there '$', i'll continue to sub it out.

    I realize that this should have been posted in the other forum, but...

    Thank you for you time...


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