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Weed ID Site

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by shawnleary, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. shawnleary

    shawnleary LawnSite Member
    Messages: 10

  2. Not sure of a webpage but I bought a good weed I'd book from Ifas. Very small and good to carry around.
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  3. Patriot Services

    Patriot Services LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,230

    What? You got a hort degree!
    I'm the one still carrying a book around.
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  4. Still got plenty to learn brother....it's a good book though
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  5. Landscape Poet

    Landscape Poet LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,638

    Is it "Weeds of Southern Turfgrass" ? Little green book? If so that is a good book I recommend to anyone interested. I agree with you, too many weeds to ever know them all for sure, so that little book is a handy reference to have in the glove box. I makes sure you and your PCO are on the same page in descriptions of the weed.
  6. Yup, that's the one...yea, it helps a lot especially with grassy weeds cause some look very similar.
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