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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by csmlawn, Aug 7, 2008.

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    Yes and I used to be just like yourself and help everyone out until one day some guy was talking about using Round-up in midst of turf areas and that's when I knew this was enough of this home schooling nonsense.

    It's one thing to ask me what the weed is, but in that very same sentence the man asked what to use.
    And I am sorry but that is one of the most common weeds and the fact someone doesn't know what it is to me is a clear indication that someone doesn't know wth they are doing, and the chemical used to treat this grass requires more than just some basic mix-water-with-concentrate knowledge, too!

    Granted, I find this type of answer frustrating, too.
    But don't ask me how to rebuild a 6-speed AOD transmission when you've never even had one out of a car either,
    especially when it's not your own, and the first time around...

    Dallisgrass you guys say?
    That's interesting, I never heard it called that but I guess it's another name.

    I guess so long you're not using Pramitol we're all right.
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    It looks to be dallisgrass. It also is called Pas Pallums in this area. I have used trimec plus to control it. You can us MSMA, just be very careful, as it will yellow or burn some desirable grasses.

    Good luck
  3. csmlawn

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    Thanks for everyone's responses. :drinkup:
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    To jdmcat, thats the kind of decent response we often DON'T hear in here. Someone with a logical sensible answer. I guess not all pesticide guys are jerks afterall. Cheers!
  5. garydale

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    I'm leaning toward Quackgrass. See attachment.

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  6. turf hokie

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    It is tough to tell from the pic. There are a few options.

    But you need to find if it is rolled or folded in the bud and what do the ligules look like, if there is one present at all.

    I thought quack at first too but I recently thougth that and was proven wrong b/c it was rolled in the bud after we cut it open. It look like it was folded at first. Turned out to be barnyard grass.

    I would say barnyard, quack and orchard are all possibilities here.

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