weed kill, over seed in what order

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by skinnyd, Sep 8, 2002.

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    Hello All
    I live in the northe east in Ma. I have some weeds I need to get rid of and I would like to overseed before getting my last app of fert in. Am I to late to to do all of this.
    Do I over seed and then hit the weeds or hit the weeds first. Most of the liquid weed killers I have seen say to wait 3+ weeks before seeding.

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    You shouldnt be too late to do all this yet. Always treat your weeds firsr. The young grass or ungermanated seed cannot usually handle a weed treatment untill it is established. I usually try to wait at least 10 days after treatment before I apply seed. All of this depends on the residual properties of the weed killer you are using. If you use something like "Weed - B - Gon" by Ortho then you should be OK after about 10-15 days to overseed. If you kill everything off with round up you can still overseed in about 10 days with no problems due to the fact that these are systemic treatments and only affect the plants that got the treatment on their leaves. The soil does no retain these solutions in a quanity that will matter after 10-15 days.:)

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