weed killer only works sometimes. .??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by icemanrrc, Nov 29, 2019.

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    Glyphosate is also not a universal herbicide. Poor control on many broadleaf weeds and sedges. But, if someone were truly educated, they would know that. Note that I say weeds, because there is nothing like Glyphosate to damage, then eventually kill desirable shrubs or flowers. So much so, that it is not my first choice of product to apply near desirable ornamentals.
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    6oz rate and add a little triclopyr and nothing will survive
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    He's not being rude, he's being honest.

    Now be honest with yourself, are you qualified/properly licensed to perform the type work you are doing?
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    The OP never stated he was applying the product for hire, he may be a homeowner applying it on his own property and is asking the pros for help.
    icemanrrc, let us know if this is so.
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    Could be the case, but he posted in the professional forum and and didn't clarify so.............

    Wasn't busting his chops just saying, there's so many people using pesticides for hire that aren't qualified that post on here so it wasn't out of line to assume
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    Understood, he does sound like a homeowner who is new to Lawnsite and is asking for help.
    icemanrrc, Is this correct?
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    He used that term "weed killer" I knew a guy that called it "poison" Some people say "spray that weed stuff"

    These are key words for people that know the results desired but have no clue to what the product actually does or methods or amount to use.
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    OK Ice. How many sqft did you spray with the gallon of glyphosate solution? Are you calibrated at 1 gallon per thousand sqft? Of course--trees and vertical brush are difficult to measure on a sqft basis.
    What nozzle?
    What pressure?
    Using clean water is fine--however even a small amount of muddy water reduces the effects of gly.
    What type of weed? Annuals? Perennials? Deep roots? Long fat rhizomes? Woody vines? Trees? Bermuda grass? Poison ivy? At what stage of growth? (Young, growing-fast, mature, winter-dormant)? Tough weeds need more. Do not expect gly to penetrate thick bark. Gly has no soil activity. Does not penetrate soil. No residual.
    Not much help--but one of these points might help you.
    I hope you are not dealing with Roundup-ready corn or beans. Is it Roundup-ready bentgrass?
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    Unfortunately I have heard these terms used by well seasoned professionals. :nono:
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    You can try adding a little Ammonium sulfate to the spray solution. If you have high water pH, you may be losing the effectiveness of the product.This is especially true if it sits in sprayer overnite, or over the weekend. A 1 percent solution is also pretty weak, depending upon the weed, size etc. Consider increasing the concentration rate. Hope that helps.

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