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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by pelt35, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. pelt35

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    I have a large lawn area that I mow (5 acres). I have a JD4600 with a 72" deck that does a great job for me. I am wondering if I might consider getting a 3pt sprayer for weed control or just keep spreading weed n feed with my 3pt spreader? I go thru 20-25 bags of fert at a time and it doesn' seem to kill the dandelions and stuff like I would like . Some thoughts please.. Thanks Jack in WI
  2. teeca

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    unless your timing your application just right granular weed control won't be as effective as a liquid app. and even a properly timed app. is far from that of a liquid. as far as a 3pt. sprayer, calibration is going to be you biggiest problem w/o a way to measure and maintaine consistant ground speed. some guys on here have used bicycle speedometers and they say they work.
  3. hmartin

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    You have a fine tractor for a small sprayer. Since you have a nice tractor, I am assuming that you are at least a little mechanically inclined. Buy a 50 to maybe a 100 gallon sprayer. Spray you lawn with water only until you understand how many gallons of water per acre you are applying. You can rid you lawn of dandelions for about $5 per acre.
  4. ArchiesLawns

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    Hmartin what are you spraying over there in Mississippi for poa annua? Are you tank mixing anything in with your pre-emerge. Poa is popping over here in Alabama.

  5. FdLLawnMan

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    I am in east central Wisconsin so I am familiar with the area. Weed & Feeds never do as good a job as liquids. If you are using the weed & Feed from the local Fleet and spreading it on when the plants are dry it will not work properly. You say you are applying 20 to 25 bags of fertilizer per application, Holy cow, the most I would ever put on with any of my fertilizers is 18 bags. Either your equipment isn't calibrated or you are using a very low nitrogen per bag fertilizer. Yes, you could pull a sprayer and get better results, but I hate to recommend it to homeowners unless they know what they are doing.
  6. pelt35

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    Mike 1 ; I am buying the 22-3-11 estate fertilizer from farm & fleet @ 9.99 it has crabgrass preventer. I have a 3pt spreader that probably isn't all that calibrated, because I go over my yard and I always seem to run out after about 21-23 bags. I took a wheel and measured off my yard area a few years ago and I think that I have around 170000 sq ft. that I mow. We have six acres and I mow whatever isn't house or 40 X 80 shop or driveway. I think that I will look into a sprayer so then I can kill her garden stuff as well lol. Thanks for input people..Mike what do you think that it would cost me to have it done professionally?
  7. FdLLawnMan

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    If I was close and easy to spray I would do it for about $350.00, but I am on the low end. If I had to drive I would add some mileage. The fertilizer from Fleet that you are buying is only for crabgrass control I think. It won't kill the broad-leaves that have emerged. John Deere Landscapes/Lesco has a very good Weed & Feed for homeowners as long as it is applied when the plants are damp and it doesn't rain for two days. I would send you a private message but you don't have enough postings to send or receive them. If you want to take this off the posting you can give me your email and I can give you more information.
  8. Runner

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    Do you guys still have Quality farm & Fleet over there, or is it Tractor Supply Co., now?
  9. FdLLawnMan

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    It is Mills Fleet Farm Stores. They are all over the place. Honestly, I don't know how communities get along without them. They have pretty much everything from farm supplies to children's clothing.
  10. pelt35

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    over here it is Blain's Farm & Fleet, very similar to Fleet/farm. Mike I didn't mention that my yard is surrounded on two sides by a farmers field, corn one year, beans the next. Will spraying take care of that yellow mustard stuff and clover as well. and what should I use if I go that route with a sprayer?

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