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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RedWolf, May 10, 2005.

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    What is the best weed kill out there.I have just subed out to a Tree Service clearing around power lines and need some input.thanks
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    red wolf i aint no landscaper so what i say here i will not be responsible but i want to help.but i have learned here in the south with all the centipede and st augustine you can only use a couple different types..the only kind i found that you can use on these grasses at home depot is ortho basic solutions weed killer concentrate and this stuff sucks on dandelions when applied and mixed as suggested .it worked on most of my weeds but on the thick dandelions i had to mix 50-50 and spot sprayed the big dandelions in the lawn and it wiped them out.. a week later i raked up the dead dandelions..and with my yard being freshley aireated fertilized and limed and new seed spreaded out with a broad cast spreader the centiped is already filling in all the spots..so i too would like to know a better magic potion for a large flock of weeds but this helped me alot and saved me alot of labor.. ;)
  3. Ric

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    If you have a Commercial License and can use Danger labeled Products like Remedy or Garlon 4. They are very good for total non-select killing. Ester 2-4-D is also a danger label and in a pure Right away condition will kill totally really great in our Heat at a very cheap price. But be careful for it does Volatilize and the Vapor can drift to Desirables. As a general rule you can only find Ester 2-4-D at Tractor Supply because they stock all their stores the same North or South. It is too hot for Esters here in Florida.

    I am not sure a limited License would be legal for Road & Ride away work since it is a seperate License issued by the State of Florida. BTW it is issued by the Bureau of Compliance and not the Pest Control and Entomology Bureau. You can only use Caution labeled products with a limited License and that hurts your cost effective chemical List. You are limited to Roundup and Bushmaster and a few more I can't think of Right now.

    You might want to call The Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control to verify you are legal to do Right away work. Like I said above there is a special License for it. But Not to worry. Anyone can walk in there County extension office and sit for both the Road& Ride away and Aquatic License. Yes You need 3 years experience and must pass the hardest test in the nation to kill dandelions in Florida Lawns. (BTW S. Florida doesn't have Dandelions) But any Idiot who can pass a 50 question 8th grade math test can spray our water supply in Rivers and Lakes. Yes Once again our fine tax dollar at work in the Bureaucratic system.

    BTW I might as well make an announcement that I am getting out of the Nursery business Now also. I had an offer I couldn't refuse so all equipment is for sale now. Except a few spray trucks That I might just put to work in the near future. I also will be moving into Either a small house with a large lot in and non deed restricted Neighborhood or an apartment. I am still looking. But in any case I plan on enjoying my retirement a little more. I am open to traveling to any part of Florida and Helping anyone that would pay my travel expenses. I would not ask for any pay to do this. I also would be willing to help some guys get their Commercial Pesticide License. I am Helping one guy now in the next town get his time in. This costs me money to do so don't look for a freebie on Pest control.
  4. NC Big Daddy

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    Ric can I talk you into moving to North Carolina? Charlotte is a great place to live plus you'd have a job waiting! Hell I'll pay your moving expenses and put you up until you find a place...Done deal...

    I'm not kidding... :blob3:
  5. Ric

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    Big Daddy

    My family is here in Florida. But I wouldn't mind coming to N.C. for a visit, if you think I could help you. I am not looking to make any money But would ask for Travel expenses and would be willing to sleep on the couch etc. My Car gets 35 to the gallon. BTW I am past the point of doing any physical work.

    My Phone Number is no secret 941 639 ANTS or 629 ANTS (2687)
  6. ArizPestWeed

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    No more baby sitting ?
  7. Ric

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    Weed Head

    Sounds like you are familiar with a nursery operation. Yes they are like a baby and require constant attention. I looked at all the hurricane damage still left to repair. And The fact I had no one in my Family interested in taking it over after I am gone. So figured I would cut My losses and run. If I were a younger man and had another twenty years in the business I wouldn't think twice about rebuilding. There is alot of money to be made in the nursery business but it does take time. A good retail nursery can make more money up selling landscape and other services than selling plants. Anyone who can get tight with their local Nursery man is a fool not to try and get some of the spill over business and referrals.
  8. ArizPestWeed

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    Nursery work is a slow and hard way to make $.
    Landscaping is not so bad if ya got guys doing all the work .
    Maintenence is easier

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