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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by jeffack1, Aug 27, 2005.

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    I noticed the lawn service that maintains our office building has sprayed areas in the planting beds (where weeds and grass are growing) with some type of chemical that when it dries it looks like green spray paint.

    I am assuming this is some type of weed/grass killer because everything that is painted green is now dead.

    I would like to use some of this stuff around the house to clean up the beds, but was not able to catch the lawn service to see what they were using.

    Does anybody know of a weed/grass killer that would look like green spray paint when it dries? Also, where can you get this from?

    Thanks for any help,

  2. CottonPatch

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    The color you see is a marking dye added to the chemical so you can see where the application has been applied.
  3. F6Hawk

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    Glyphosate, isopropylamine salt. If you buy it premixed, you get a 2% solution, or you can buy it concentrated (18-50%) and mix it yourself.

    Roundup brand is around $22 for a bottle, but I found No-Pest Weed & Grass at the same 18% for only $16 per bottle today.

    Here's some dilution ratios I have come up with, all based on 1 gallon of water, wit 18% glyphosate :

    3 oz in gal 0.4%
    6 oz in gal 0.8%
    9 oz in gal 1.2%
    12 oz in gal 1.6%
    15 oz in gal 2.1%

    If you go with the 50% expensive stuff:

    3 oz in gal 1.1%
    6 oz in gal 2.3%
    9 oz in gal 3.4%
    12 oz in gal 4.6%
    15 oz in gal 5.7%


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