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  1. Lamonicaslawnservice

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    I know that the stuff for weeds in lawns sold at lowes arent good. I tried a few such as image. What should I use to kill weeds on centipied lawns? That will actually work and where should I get it from? the lawns this year are just full of weeds. More then usual on my lawns. Thanks in advance everyone
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    Why not ask this question in the pesticide/herbicide forum? Perhaps you should consider getting certified so you can leagally apply pesticides?

    And, BTW, there are some things at Lowes and Home Depot that work pretty well, but unless you can ID the target, know what weed it is you want to kill, know when and how to apply, taking shots in the dark will likely mean more missed targets.

    This is exactly why some training that leads to getting certified for pesticide applications is the law. The time is coming when people who are not certified won't even be able to buy pesticide concentrates at retail outlets.

    There is a pinned topic in the pesticide forum that will provide links to what one has to do to get legal in every state. Each state is different. Might want to look into that. In the meantime, you might lurk in that forum. There is a lot of great info there, but if you aren't legal, I would avoid posting anything.
  3. Lamonicaslawnservice

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    I'm going tomorrow for my core and category 3 license so that's why I'm asking because I'm going to be allowed to use them
  4. Richard Martin

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    2,4-D works great on most broadleafs when Centipede is dormant. Use at 1/2 strength when Centipede is actively growing.
  5. Think Green

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    I don't understand you remark. You are going to take the test or are you going to pick it up? There is the waiting period of grading--the waiting period of acceptance--the waiting period of prorating of the license fees.etc. Sometimes you will have to wait until the license renewal time is activated.
    When I got all of mine, it took an extra 3 weeks for the license to be in my hands. You cannot treat anything for hire until you get the license in your possession. But then again--you are in another state.
    After you get your license, your state extension should provide you with a weed and brush control manual. I can get one free booklet called a MP-44 from my state. Any extra copies will cost. These booklets are what you will need to refer back to if you need them...

    One last question.................IF you are taking the core exams........you should know what will kill the weeds you are targeting?
    The arkansas exams were extensive in an applicator's knowledge of all the major brands of herbicides used on lawns currently.
  6. Whitey4

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    Quite a few of the Ortho products are effective. The weed-b-gone is a 3 way herbicide for broadleaf control... the Clover/oxalis killer works Ok too. I had an incredibly cheap source for the Ortho 3 way last year, but spiked it with QuickSilver. Their CaMA works too.

    I also don't understand your comments about getting your certification. Have you taken the test yet? Or are you just beginning the process?

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