Weed Killing with 24D

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    One problem spraying Bahia pastures in Florida is the amount of rainfall. New seedlings need time to grow but bahia needs 80 degrees to germinate then by time seedlings are established in Central florida the rainfall season starts until fall. Since spraying Bahia should have 2 dry days before spraying and 3 dry days after spraying with 24D is it too late to spray after the growing season is over? Will spraying in October kill the seed drop from the current season thus prohibiting new seed growth next spring? I plan on using Weeder 64
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    You are reading the label wrong. The restriction you list is only for irrigation of Fruit trees that had weeds sprayed near the actual tree. Skip down to page 9 Rangeland spraying to see there is no Rain restrictions.

    I do Aquatic work and use Weedar 64 all the time in ponds. Many time I spray water Lillies and then run over them with the boat. I still get a kill. If you use MSO as a surfactant you will get an even quicker kill.
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    even roundup washes away before it can set. But you are correct about page 9 when I downloaded the PDF file and put the print into a size that I could read.

    I can't use Roundup as it will damage the PTO pump and I could not afford a stainless steel one.

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