Weed Man

Gene $immons

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They are a national franchise. A growing one too. They operate in many states. I actually got a proposal from them in the mail for a quote on spraying my lawn. They sent this by looking up public records on the size of my lot, and sent it blind. The price was pretty high.


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SE Pennsylvania
Just another huge telemarketing company like TG/CL...got a quote from them last year and had to laugh as the didn't figure in the other 3/4 of an acre I had out back. They wanted to fertilize my front wooded lot that I may only mow 3 times over the summer and never fertilize as I like the moss. It looks better au naturale. LOL


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Central Ohio
Know two people who own franchises. Very fast growing. They are focused on only fert/weeds, so they can do this. It is easier to grow fast this way vs. a total design build co., especially since all their systems are down pat. They seem to have a very positive image, as opposed to chemlawn.


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they are the largest fertilizing/weed control company in canada. now they are invading the US with franchises popping up every where. i spoke to somebody to possible getting a franchise, they said you need to spend about $40,000 to $50,000 in the first year to get started, most of it was for advertising/direct mail. I figured if i spent that much on my own company it would grow just as fast as theirs, and i would get all the money.

J Hisch

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Evansville IN
We had one pop up here in Evansville last year, Weed man grows so fast becasue they target other Pest control operators and offer it to them for very minimal start up becasuse the already have solid customer base. Some of my customer asked me if i thought it was legit i ask them would you let me spray for termites? and then trust my work.