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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by hubby-wife, Sep 7, 2003.

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    PhrankW and SWD are right on point. Go to the link attached and read the "Answers to frequent questions ". You are allied to apply fertilizer with out a license, but anything listed on the limited use is forbidden.

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    Something else to remember is the great state of Texas. You had better have a license if a customer wants you to fertilize with a Home Depot grade fertilizer that contains any amount of herbicide.
    Additionally, if you are out mowing, and you hit a sprinkler head, if you do not have an Irrigators License - not the installers as it won't work here - you cannot fix the problem you have created. Initiall fines on TDA related cases are starting around $1,000 per event and the fines for Irrigation related offenses are starting at about $2,500 per event. I work directly with and consult for both departments from time to time and what I do know is since the state is broke, the resprective dept heads have mandated mandatory fine structures. No more Mr Nice Guy, no discretion, nothing.
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    Yep, this is great for us with licenses! Many complain about "scrubs", but true professionals striving to grow their business will seek to obtain licenses. With the increasing amount of newcomers, also comes the increase in mistakes.

    Forexample, running over sprinkler heads! A newcomer not knowing the law attempting to fix one could be the end of their biz due to the huge fine. And for you, a new customer.

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