Weed preventer in mulch beds

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Mr. Midwest, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Mr. Midwest

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    I was wondering what techniques you guys use to help prevent weeds in mulch beds. I currently use preen in my mulch beds but lets be honest I might as well be throwing down weed fertilizer. I have primarliy been installing landscape rock with weed barrier to help prevent customer complaints in peak working times. I am looking to start installing alot of mulch as a ground cover due to jobs i am getting on lakeside properties. Is there a spray/ granule that is available to help me with this problem?
  2. Yes-granular I use snapshot. Spray I use sureguard. Both are excellent. If you have a lot of issues with sedge freehand is supposed to be great for that. I have never used it though so can only give you what I heard.
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  3. Ferris68

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    I have used Freehand and Snapshot. Both work very well. I prefer to use Freehand because it controls about the same amount of Broadleaf weeds as Snapshot and controls Yellow Nutsedge as well. The key to using these products is to read the label and apply them properly. Watering the product in is very important. I see a ton of people apply the granular and walk away thinking they are going to be weed free. Not the case.
  4. plc87

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    I was actually just about to start one of these threads asking about snapshot. Looks like the other brand may be better. My fert supplier says that I could do two applications and give a weed free guarantee. If my prices are good enough then it wouldnt be a big deal if I had to come back and spot spray once or twice since all my accounts are within a close proximity anyways. Any thoughts on this? Also how do you do the pricing?
  5. scottslawncareav

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    yeah I would really like to know a better way. Ive tried round up even double the concentration but i still end up hola hoeing everything
  6. Lefet

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    Round up is not used to PREVENT weeds in the beds. It also only works with minimal temps. You need a PRE-emergent to prevent the weeds from starting.
  7. Snapshot is an excellent product. You will have very little if any weed emergence. If anything does pop up, just hit it with roundup. For pricing, I would at least double the cost. If you have a lot of pita beds, go 2.5-3 times.
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  8. scottslawncareav

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    thanks i will try the snap shot
  9. KeystoneLawn&Landscaping

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    Looks like someone is not reading the label! Also not sure what you mean by double the concentration, but sounds like you may be illegally applying the product. Are you licensed? If not, stop applying. If you are, READ the LABEL!! The application industry has a bad enough image without people playing scientist in the field. :hammerhead:
  10. ROC lawn and landscapes

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    When you are spraying sureguard, does it effect shrubs or perennial when you are spraying around them?

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