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Weed Question


LawnSite Member
I had read somewhere in all these threads of a Product that will kill the seeds before the germinate...

Can someone help me on the name of that product?

I am looking for something to put in rock areas around a home to keep the weed seeds from germinating.



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Have a look see here Bugguy


The name of the product is Barricade but thats only one of the many pre emergence on the market. Dimension is another and both can be purchased though a local Co-op


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greenville; ms
Barricade, Dimension, Simazine, Pendulum, Gallery, Atrazine, etc. pick 1. Some weeds needs to be sprayed with a contact spray when they come up.


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Flint, Michigan
However, in the mode of action of these products, they do not kill the seeds before they germinate. They keep the plant from developing once it does germinate. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this to be contradictory, I'm just stating this as a little tidbit of educational info for future knowledge, as this site is about education. And trust me guys,...anytime you can get any information from me that s actually true, makes any sense, - and/or is actually usable, take it - because it doesn't happen often!