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Weed question??


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I have been servicing this client of mine for 12 years. Every year she buys the fertilizer and weed control and has me put it down. No problem for me, only takes 20 minutes and I charge her $15 bucks for it. But for the last couple years she has had really bad dandelions and I have to put down a second app of weed control and that doesn't work. What I would like to know is if I should call an actual company and have them come out and do a weed control or maybe a pre-m. Would that work. I'm afraid if it isn't done it will be bad again this year. The client says to do whatever I think is right. She doesn't have a company do the fert and weed control cuz of $. She thinks she's saving some big bucks. I don't.

Please Help.


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broadleaf weeds, like dandelion, can only be killed when they are actively growing. dandelions are very easy to control.

you do need to be a licensed applicator to apply 'weed n feed' products.

so, yes, i believe you should bring in an 'actual company' to get control of this problem. remember, weeds need to be actively growing to kill them. there is no such thing as a preemergent dandelion control on the market. you should wait till you see the dandelions, then get somebody there.

good luck


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New Hampshire
I second the suggestion to bring a professional on board. Just because she is buying the product, does not mean that you do not need a license. You were paid to apply the product. If she believes she is saving money by purchasing the products herself she will be held as an accomplice in the illegal application of the product as both parties hold responsibilities during an application f a pesticide.


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Northwest WA
I'm in agreement here too. Get a pro out there. One shot per year properly timed with save you a lot of headaches with trying over and over again. Also look for IPM solutions... is the lawn thin? Does she need overseeding to thicken it up? Are you mowing too low. Thick, healthy lawns that are mowed high keep weeds at bay by not allowing seed germination.


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if you have a dandelion problem, it should be treated with a herbicide such as trimec or confront, IN THE FALL. but you better ask ric about this, i'm nothing but a dummy from new jersey. you see, i have a great personality, but i'm just plain dumb. kinda like a clown.