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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by grasseaters, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. grasseaters

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    I have a 27X19 Sq Ft area that is currently just dirt and weeds (approx 1 -2 ft tall) The H/O wants the area cleared, graded and covered with fabric. In the area there will be a 8'x10' shed, and a 5'x10' garden(no fabric for the garden area). What would be my best option for getting rid of the weeds? Should I just go over the area with a tiller? Or should I pull all of the weeds out? After the area is cleared and graded I will be adding 1.5'' Large River Rock (excluding the garden area and shed). I have one helper and would need to rent the tiller if needed. I estimated 7 hours and $600 for labor and materails. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike
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    I just cut down what is there with a string trimmer and spray it off with roundup. If your putting down fabric, then just lay it over the dying weeds.

    Or just till it good and lay fabric.
  3. grasseaters

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    I do not own a tiller, so what would be the best way to incorperate that into my pricing as I can rent one for the day @ $59.00
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    Ok so I think your saying your getting 1-3" river rock for about 470sq' so you'll need about 5 tons of rock to cover about 3" deep. or are you getting larger rr? Cost for me is about 140 and I charge 65 delivery. Your labor is way off, two guys out of a dump bed for 5 tons and laying fabric will be about 2.5 hours make it three to give some YOU leeway, pull all the weeds, if your lic for herbicide add snapshot and your fabric. You'll use SWR it drains, will stop weeds and is strong for RR, cost for 500sq $40.00 I'm guessing I buy bulk. No tiller its a waste of time. Pulling weeds might take two guys an hour tops. Calculate your materials, delivery, labor and do that estimate over. If its larger stone you'll need a little bit more time on the labor.

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