Weed suppression around ponds

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by J.J., Jan 19, 2008.

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    And, in the literal sense, you were wrong! Otherwise, no arguement!
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    not sure about the effects of the grasss carp in the southern states, but up here in the north they pretty much suck for weed control. here is the problem with the grass carp first hand... 1) they don't eat very much the first 1-3yrs of life. 2) then they go on a eating spree 3-5yrs. 3) then they roll around in the pond not eating until they die, which is a long time. 4) you need a special permit to have them in a pond. 5)they WILL NOT EAT ALGAE!!! 6) copper sulfate and the like will kill them in less then 4hrs. 7) barly straw for the treatment of algae in a pond with grass carp will lessen the likly hood off a grass carp kill, but it still can cause death, and it cost 4x's more.
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    you might want to make sure you have either a 'right of way' or an 'aquatics' license. i use rodeo or reward for weed control. for cat tails, i use rodeo + pentrabark, the key to control/elimination is timing. you need to hit them in the early summer as they start, or in the late summer as they go dormant for the winter. 24d will not effect cat tails.
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    In kansas I believe I will need my aquatics licenses. I have not checked with the my state investigator yet, but I definatly will before the season starts. That is a fine I don't need.
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    You can spray Round Up right up to the edge of the pond, just not in the pond itself. Rodeo is basically Round Up, but is labeled for ponds. I would check your local state regs, just to CYA.
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    it's the surfactant in round up that's harmful, rodeo you need to add your own NON-IONIC surfactant. pbi gordon make a version of rodeo called glypho41 and it says it has surfactant in it, but i always spike mine with more.
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    I believe you need to read a RoundUp label. You can not even spray Roundup in a drainage area. Fools like you are the reason we lose Chemicals tools each year. If you can't take the time to read and do it correctly, Don't do it at all.
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    R U sure about this , Ric , maybe not roundup , but you can with other gly products
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    Glyphosate in it's self is not harmful to Aquatic life. It goes inert on contact with large volumes of water and then is eaten by microbes. It is the surfactant that is harmful to Aquatic life. Although most Glyphosate products are made by either Monsanto or Nufarm, there are other manufactures.



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