Weed Trimmer storage question?


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Either way works for me. I just make sure it isn't sitting on its side and flooding the carb. and air filter. Flat, or on the other side is fine...or hanging up and down.


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As long as it doesnt have any fuel leaks, you can put them in any position you wish. All handheld equipment is designed for universal orientation.


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My understanding of this is that if you store equipment on the floor of your truck bed or trailer, it can get grass and dirt in the engine area. Also, it's easier to trip over it.
Oh I understand debris getting in the housings of the handhelds. I'll never put my backpack blower in the pile of chopped up leaves and drive again. He made the comment that it didn't matter but suggested them being on a rack better for them. The op is looking to clean up the garage and wants to hang the trimmers and such. I say hang them by the engine. That's what I do. There was a thread about where to get them. Walmart, Lowes, and HD sell them.

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When I buy them they are hanging by the engine. I never knew if it was so you could see the engines better while shopping or if it actually helped components. I would perfer to hang them bye the head so the light end was up. Plus, I think it makes a natural hook shape that allows a safer hold.

Thanks again for the comments and opinions.

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yeah, the hd in my area had them. didn't put them up yet, gotta clean the area where they are going but they look like they should work ok, (i just want to store them out of the way while they are not in use).