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    Why are so many crews using the weed whacker as an edger? I've always used a proper wheeled edger. Little Wonder is a P.O.S. Scag rulz. I know guys are gonna say it's cheaper, but how do you compare that to worker fatigue from holding the weed whacker at such an unnatural angle? Worker fatigue = less profit.
  2. MarcSmith

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    But the same sense you have less worker fatigue in that you don't need to run back to the truck for another tool. Personally I always used a stick edger on my concrete/grass edges. On the St augustine you needed to use it almost weekly in the summer, but the Bahia you could get by almost once a month.... with weekly touch ups with a string trimmer. twice a year I would edge beds with the edger and then use the string trimmer weekly for touch ups.
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    a wheeled edger may be necessary to create the initial edge, but the string trimmer is much more efficient at keeping it from week to week, and with the handles designed to be held at an angle, fatigue is a non issue. also, it allows for greater efficiency by being able to edge and trim with one unit. This is from a solo perspective fyi.
  4. daveintoledo

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    try a search

    i use a stick edger, i dont care how good you are with a line trimmer, it turns the edges brown, and after a period of time really destroys the turf...

    now you will her how everyone will say its a wst of time goig back to the truck.... i dont think so.... it looks soooooo much better with a stick edger
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    How does it destroy the turf??

    I use a line trimmer on all of my edges, and they never turn brown.

    My edges with the line trimmer look just as good as those done with a dedicated edger. I will use the stick edger to cut a new edge, but that is the only time I use it.
  6. daveintoledo

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    some of my customers had a different lco last year, the trench that has been created between the grass and sidewalk has gotten way to wide from string trimmers, thus allowing weeds to grow in the gully that was created, maybe it was just the way that particular guy did it......

    i check out other lco work while driving all the time, our local bank has brown edges around all the hard surfaces from line trimmng, once again maybe its just the way this guy does it too, but my edges look better then anyone elses in our town, im the only guy using an edger, they use trimmers, my customers have also commented on how much better there yards look with the edging done with a stick trimmer.....

    i dont claim to know everthing so i could and may be entirely wrong, thanks for hearing my opinion though...
  7. MarcSmith

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    When I was solo. I still used a stick edger....IMO it just looked better. With the string trimmer It always seemd to kick up more debris/rocks
  8. Lake Claire Lawn Ranger

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    I've always avoided getting an edger because I didn't want to spend the money. Recently I was sitting in my truck, eating my Big Mac and fries. No, we won't go there. I observed a guy edging with an actual edger. He was moving a lot faster than I do with my string trimmer. I realized that in itself if justification for the investment.
    Until this thread, I never considered the quality of cut but it makes sense that a sharp blade would leave a cleaner cut than a nylon string tearing through the grass blade.
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    There are all kinds of guys who come on here and say they can edge as fast and efficient with a string trimmer as someone with an edger and I always say the same thing...that's a bunch of bunk. I will challenge ANYone who thinks they can edge as fast and efficient as I can with a poweredger. I see guys doing it with srtring trimmers all the time....I also see the results. I've done it with string trimmers many many times myself, so I KNOW what it's like and what it takes. you get to know these things after doing it professionally for over 20 years.
  10. grassman5

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    Maybe its a Flint problem and other parts of the contry can do it real well with a trimmer. :p :angel:

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