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    - i carry the simple / basic style wire strippers in my back pocket in a cheap vinyl glasses pouch (use pouch so strippers dont turn sideways in back pocket) so i can adjust the string length quickly when changing string (i carry an extra length of string in back pocket when i know im running low) or have to cut it real short for detail trimming like of small round patio blocks . reason for this method is the wire strippers in back pocket travel easy and arent in the way like something you wear on your belt . and you can use them for pruning things like overhanging rose bush branches . * wire strippers pictured below .

    - i also drop the spool of string down over the truck antena using the antena as an axle for the spool to spin on when im removing string from spool , makes for quick / efficient string removal .

    - its always my philosophy that ide rather leave a few straggly strands of grass that dont look so neat / perfect than whipping down too low to get every strand and in the process burning the grass , ecspecially around trees where the grass tends to be sparse in the first place .

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