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hey guys i have heard that if you condition your line it will help it not weld together and that it will last longer ..does anyone know about this and if so what do you use to condition your line with..


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SW Missouri
If you soak your line in water it will help.
I use Shindaiwa trimmer line and never have a problem with welding!

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
We use the .105 Echo Cross Fire in our Shindaiwa trimmers and never have any welding problems either. The .105 will hold up much better than the .095 and it's not that much bigger in size. I've also heard of soaking it in water to condition the string, but what I can't understand is how can water do anything to make string last longer. As hot as it is and as long as it takes to use up a spool full in the trimmer, it's dry in a few seconds. Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks


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I think if you buy good quality line you shouldn't have any problems. I'm using Veri brand(the same company that makes heads)and have never had a weld problem. My line is .095 round that I got on ebay. 5lb spool $5. I couldn't go wrong with that!


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Spring Hill, FL

The line will "absorb" moisture from the water and retain it. Just like your skin gets dry in the winter from the low humidity and stays soft in the summer from the high humidity. At least that's the way I had it explained to me.


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I have found it is better to not buy too much string. It gets old and will weld.I prefer Shindaiwa brand. Has anyone tried Shindaiwa's Grass Attack String .105. It cuts everything in its path , except bamboo!


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After reading one of Eric's post about the Cross Fire line I bought some and tried it out, what a difference! I have not touched my Sthil line since....anyone want to buy some Sthil trimmer line??



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Best line I have found is at walmart :)! Shakespeare brand, (just like fishing line) it's triangular in shape, & runs true, unlike square line. Tough stuff too.
Kirby-dittos on stihl line; it sucks. I bought my FS-85 last yr. & they gave me a a spool of that stuff. I took it back in exchange for a hat!


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Columbus Ga
Trimmer string... i use .130 green line on a fixed head..wear not bad .i use two 14" peices per yard only even on yards with chain link fence.. but not on start up job it allways takes more string.the biggest thing about wear is to try cutting only with the tip of the line not the middle your string will also last longer it take some pratice but well worth it,as far as soaking the string it works real good.I keep a bucket from my wifes soap powder on the trailer filled with water with the string in it would never use dry line again.