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weedeater line


LawnSite Member
I use a stihl FS 85 weedeater with the autocut head and stihl .095 line in the round version, orange.I use it as an edger
and spend too much time getting line to feed , would like to know if thier is a better line in diameter or shape, or even maybe a new head?


LawnSite Gold Member
I use that same combo and I think its about the best it is. But I have a stick and push edger, I dont use my trimmer to edge with


LawnSite Senior Member
North Jersey
I am running the same set up... A Stihl FS-85 with the .095 line and also think its' the best working head I have ever used. Edging uses alot of line so your gonna be feeding alot. I found that if you are really carefull winding the string that it will feed smoother than if you just wrap it around any old way.... Try a stick edger for hard edging.....