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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by A+ Lawncare, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. A+ Lawncare

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    does any1 do weeding beds? if so how do you go about doing this, pricing? :blob3:
    i charge for weeding beds by $7 for a yrd (weeds only, thats if i'm already there on the jobsite, basically the minium) if not on the jobsite i charge $12 a yard to weed.... sorta like a dropgate, covers my arse on gas, ect... for each additional bed of weeding i charge $2 up to 10beds then i drop the rate to $1 a yrd after the 10th yrd... example: 50yrd (on jobsite already, weekly basis) of weeding= $7 (base rate)+$18 (1st 9yrds)+$40 (last 40yrds)= $65 total.... for every 5yrds i charge a $1 extra (to cover bag, but i use free grocery bag, so the $1 is put into my pocket), example for 50yrds i charge $5 for 5bags.... so $65+$5= $70 for 50yrds of bed weeding....

    example: 5yrds of mulch if already on the jobsite= $7+$8+$1=$16.... this rate is only for every week weeding... my rate goes up a $1 on each yrd per week.... if this was a 3week basis then that 5yrds of bed weeding would be 4yrds X $3= $12+$8+$10= $30.... i then charge $3 extra (for bags) so thats $33 for 5yrds of weeding.....

    if the job is done on a weekly basis a yrd of weeding should only take 3mins (average)..... 3mins X 5yrds= 15mins total... but if its on a 3week basis it'll take up to 8mins a yrd.....
  2. T Edwards

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    A+........I think my head is spinning. I can hardly read the keyboard. Your pricing schedule is exactly why I subscribe to the KISS method.
  3. A+ Lawncare

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    whats the kiss method?
  4. MMLawn

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    Your 16 years old is showing through again.....I know, I know you'll be 17 though in 2 weeks! :laugh:

    Keep It Simple Stupid-KISS
  5. mikeyshane331

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    Keep It Simple Stupid is what i believe he is reffering to.
  6. MudslinginFX4

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    For my full maint. accounts we have whats called a "bed weed control service". 12 times a year (mostly during the summer) we spray or pull the weeds in their natural areas. Typically this service only costs my customers on average $15 per time. Keep in mind we are already there each week mowing and usually the bed weed control only takes us an additional 5 minutes. The key is KEEPING up with the weeds and not ever let them get out of hand. One time weed jobs we charge $55/man hour to pull or spray. Sometimes on a full maintenance account we have an "initial weed charge" that may apply the first time to get the property up to our standards.
  7. A+ Lawncare

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    I turned 17 yesterday.... :bday:

    it was just an idea, and maybe i'm young but i try.... thats better than doing nothing at all :blush:
  8. Mark McC

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    How many here actually pull weeds and how many just knock 'em out with glyphosate?
  9. thill

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    Glyphosate (Honcho Plus) 75% and manual pulling the other 25%
  10. 021462

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    Pulling weeds, $25.00 per hour per man is my charge. Any labor I do outside of mowing is based on that same rate no matter what it is.

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